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Pri-Med Online Help

How can we help you?

Select any of the links below to learn more about the features and products offered on Pri-Med.com. 

If you require additional assistance, please feel free to contact Pri-Med via mail, email or phone. When sending a request via mail or email, please include your full name, mailing address, contact number and meeting you are inquiring about.


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Pri-Med Meeting
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  • Account Benefits
    • What are the key benefits of having a Pri-Med Online account?
      You will gain full access to all resources available at pri-med.com, including:
      • Fast Pri-Med Meeting registration
      • Personal CME Tracker to manage your learning
      • Certificates from completed Live, Online and print CME activities
      • High-quality Online CME activities at no-cost
      • Practice-related tools and up-to-date clinical information
    • What are the benefits of registering with your existing account?
      • Pre-populated forms save you time
      • All your credit certificates and Online CME activity status appear in one account
      • We can inform you of relevant meetings of interest


  • Forgot My Username/Password
    • How do I know if I have a Pri-Med Account?
      You have an account if you:
      • Registered for a Pri-Med Meeting after May 2005 - login provided in your confirmation letter 
      • Completed a registration onsite or online - login provided in follow-up email 
      • Created an account on pri-med.com in order to participate in an Online CME activity or utilize Pri-Med's online resources - login provided in follow-up email

    • What if I forget my username or are unsure I have an account?
      Please be sure that you are using the correct username and password. Also, check to make sure that you do not have caps lock on. If you forgot your username, you can always log in with your e-mail address. If you continue to experience difficulties you may send an email to support@pri-med.com with your full name, address and phone number or call Customer Service at (877) 4PRI-MED.

    • What if I forget my password?
      Please be sure that you are using the correct username and password. Also, check to make sure that you do not have caps lock on. You can have your password emailed to you if you click on the Forgot Your Password? link from the Login page. You will be asked to enter your username and we will send instructions on how to reset your password to the email address associated with your Pri-Med Online account. The account validation link within that message expires in 24 hours.

  • Update Account Information
    • How can I update/change the personal information on my account?
      Once logged in, you may change your login, contact and practice information, including email and mailing address. Simply login, click on "My Account" located on the top of the page. By default you should land on the "Account Information" tab where you may edit your personal information.


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  • CME Tracker
    • What is the CME Tracker?
      The CME Tracker allows logged in users to keep a history of CME earned and it:
      • Automatically reflects and posts certificates for all Online CME earned on pri-med.com 
      • Includes copies of your Live CME certificates, 4 weeks post Meeting 
      • Includes "Add Activity" feature so you may enter any credits earned at other Meetings 
      • Features one-click "Print Summary" summarizing all credits you've earned 
      • Displays your credit requirements based on the states of licensure and degree information you entered during registration.


  • Online CME Credit Certificates
    • How do I apply for credit for a completed Online CME activity?
      At the end of each Online CME Activity there will be an Evaluation form. Once you have submitted your evaluation of the activity you will land on the Claim Credit page. From there, you may claim credit hours for the activity as well as credit type (if applicable). Please note that some Online CME activities may require you to pass a posttest prior to receiving the Evaluation or Claim Credit pages.

    • How quickly can I get my certificate?
      Once you have claimed credit for an Online CME activity you will be able to instantly view or print your certificate from the CME Tracker page (go to "My Account" page and click "CME Tracker"). You will need the free Adobe® Acrobat® reader to view the certificates (see CME Tracker for more information).

    • I completed the online activity, but cannot see the Online CME certificate in my CME Tracker.
      You may NOT have actually claimed credit for the completed activity. To verify, login, go to the "My Activities" page. Under the "Online CME Activities" section, if the link reads "Resume" next to the activity, click the link to be taken to the activity. On the left navigation, you will see a "Claim Credit" link (you must have completed each section of the activity). Click this link to get to the "Claim Credit" page. Select your credit type i.e. AMA Category 1 and then click "Certify for Credit". You will then land on the CME Tracker page where your certificate will automatically appear for you to view and print.

    • What types of credit is offered for Online CME activities on pri-med.com?
      The information page of each activity defines the type and amount of credit the activity has been designated for under "Accreditation."
    • What do I do if I am having difficulties viewing my certificate?
      You will need the free Adobe® Acrobat® reader to view the certificates. If you have difficulties opening your certificate, try to save it to your desktop and then open it from there.


  • Live Program CME Credit Certificates
    • Will copies of CME certificates from Pri-Med live Meetings be available online?
      Yes. To provide you with your certificate quickly, while being environmentally conscious, we have adopted a web-based system. For most Pri-Med Meetings, if we have your email on file you will no longer receive a mailed copy of the certificate. Within four weeks following the Meeting, we will post to the attendee's CME Tracker an electronic copy of certificates earned at Pri-Med live Meetings dating back to September 2004. You will receive an email notification when certificates are available online.

  • Error on CME Credit Certificates
    • I received my credit certificate, but there is an error. How can it be corrected?
      Copies of all credit certificates earned through Pri-Med – live, online or print CE Meetings – are automatically posted online within your personal CME Tracker. Simply, login into your account (if you are unsure you have an account click here), go to the My Account page and verify your account information is correct. The information provided here is what appears on your online certificate. Once you have updated your information, click the CME Tracker link and click "print certificate" next to the certificate to view and print the updated certificate. If you are having issues, call Customer Service at 1-877-4PRIMED.



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  • Average Score
    • Often, this will appear on educational activities. This designates an average of all participants' scores.
  • Personalize Recommendations
    • Once logged in, you can customize the "My Activities" page by clicking on any "My Account" and select "Topics of Interest" tab.  One of the ways CME on Pri-Med is recommended to you are based upon these settings.


  • Search Pri-Med
    • Use the Pri-Med Search located in the upper right corner of the site by typing a keyword, topic, city etc.  to find information about live meetings, online CME offerings, and other resources on Pri-Med.com.


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  • Registration & General Questions
    • I'm having difficulties with registering for a live Pri-Med meeting.
      For any problems registering for a live event, please call for help at (877) 4PRI-MED or send an e-mail to support@pri-med.com.
    • How can I take advantage of quick online registration for a live Pri-Med meeting?
      You will need to create a Pri-Med Account at www.pri-med.com/login, if you don't currently have one. Once you are logged into your account, click on the live meeting of interest and click "Register." The registration form will be pre-populated with the contact information you provided when you created your Pri-Med Account. Verify that the information is correct, complete any additional required fields, and click submit. You will receive confirmation via email.

    • Is it possible to register by fax?
      While we recommend that you register online or by phone, you can submit a fax registration form for most live CME events. This fax form and instructions can be found here. 

    • How do I get directions to the Meeting?
      Directions to the event can be found on the travel tab of the event website and are included in an email sent out one week prior to the Meeting. This email includes all of your logistics information for the Meeting.
    • What is the dress code?
      The Meeting is business casual. As meeting facilities tend to be cold, we suggest you bring along a sweater for your comfort.
    • I cannot attend a Meeting, is it possible to get the syllabus online?
      At this time, meeting syllabi are distributed only to attendees of our live meetings.

  • Cancellation Policy
    • What is Pri-Med's cancellation policy for its Live Meetings?
      In the event of activity cancellation, Pri-Med and DBC Pri-Med, LLC, will seek to notify each registered attendee as soon as possible. Updates on cancellation information are posted to our website under the meeting city page. Pri-Med and DBC Pri-Med, LLC cannot be held responsible for any costs incurred due to activity cancellation.
  • Meetings for Primary Care Clinicians

    Pri-Med Conference and Exhibition.

    • How do I register with a discount code?
      Your discount code is listed in the mailing address of your brochure and or any pieces that you have received in the mail.
    • If I cannot attend can I receive a refund?
      The registration processing fee is non-refundable. If you are unable to attend you may either transfer your registration to someone else or request a credit for a future Pri-Med Conference & Exhibition. Please send an e-mail to support@pri-med.com or call toll-free (877)4PRI-MED (877-477-4633)
    • I am trying to register and all the symposia are full. What can I do?
      Symposia do have limited seating. We have ticket holder and stand-by lines set up at each symposia room. Once we have seated the ticket holders, we work to accommodate as many people in the stand-by line as possible. 
    • How can I add/edit my symposia selections?
      You can update your symposia selections by going to "CME Tracker/Planner" and clicking update my registration. This will walk you through all your session selections. 
    • What types of payment are accepted?
      For online and phone registrations we accept Visa and MasterCard.
    • Can I bring a guest to this Meeting?
      Guests are invited to attend Pri-Med Conference & Exhibition. They must accompany a registered attendee. There are guest registration forms in the registration area and there is a $35 registration fee. Guests may attend the Harvard and partnering institution sessions, Practice Solution Sessions and the exhibit hall. Guests may not attend industry-supported symposia.
    • How many credits can I earn and when will I receive my credit certificate?
      Credit amount will depend on the number of sessions you attend. Certificates are available six to eight weeks after the Meeting.

    • I am registered for Pri-Med Conference & Exhibition, does this mean I'm also registered for pmiCME Updates Day?
      Not necessarily. pmiCME Updates Day is a ticketed event that must be selected at the time of registration. This activity has a limited seating capacity, so no new registrations will be admitted onsite. If you are registered for pmiCME Updates Day you will receive an “All Day” ticket in your Badge Credentials mailing.

      To check online to see if you're registered for Pre-Conference Symposia Day, follow these steps:

      1) Log in and navigate to "CME Tracker/Planner" 
      2) Find the conference and click "Update Registration"
      3) Hit "Verify and Continue", and your registration summary will appear

    Pri-Med Access with ACP Meetings

    • Who Should Attend?
      Primary care physicians, nurse practitioners, and physician assistants currently engaged in patient care.

    • Credits offered?
      Please refer to the accreditation section within each meeting's web page for further details regarding accreditation.
  • Meetings for Cardiologists

    Updates for Cardiologists

    • Who Should Attend?
      Updates for Cardiologists registration is limited to cardiologists currently engaged in patient care.

    • Credits offered?
      AMA PRA Category 1 Credits. Please refer to the accreditation section within each meetings accreditation page for further details regarding accreditation.



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  • Save & Resume Later
    • How long does an Online CME Activity take, and what if I cannot finish the activity once I've started?
      All Online CME activities take less than two hours. With a "Save & Resume Later" feature, earning Online CME on pri-med.com is easy and convenient. Simply, begin any Online CME activity and click the "Save & Resume Later" button located on the bottom of each Online CME activity page. To return to the activity at a later time, simply login, go to "My Activities" page and click "Resume" next to the activity you wish to complete.

  • Online CME Topics/Activity Formats
    • Which therapeutic topics and what Online CME Activity Formats are available on pri-med.com?
      The online CME activities on pri-med.com are organized by activity formats and featured within condition resources centers.

      Pri-Med.com offers six eCME activity formats so you can thoroughly examine a topic:
    1. Patient Case Studies - interactive simulated case studies on various topics written by physicians
    2. Clinical Reviews - in-depth analyses of a clinical area, designed to complement each patient case study
    3. Expert Perspectives - thought leaders present their opinions on the latest guidelines, news, or medical controversies and how they relate to primary care
    4. Slide Lecture Series - slide and audio lecture from key thought leaders
    5. Clinical Challenges - leading experts address physician-submitted challenges faced in clinical practice in question-and-answer format
    6. Morning Reports - targeted "real-patient" case presentations encountered and developed by medical residents

    Click here to view the most up-to-date Condition Center topic listing.

    • Why can't I see the Slide Lecture Series?
      In order to view the Slide Lecture Series you will need to have a Flash player, which can be downloaded here. In addition, you will need Microsoft PowerPoint to view the slides.

  • Clinical Content/Accreditation
    • Who creates the content for Online CME activities on pri-med.com?
      There are two sources of Online CME content development for Pri-Med Online's Online CME: pmiCME and Medical Education partners. Regardless of source, all content presented on pri-med.com has been reviewed, edited and validated by pmiCME's clinical editorial team. It is the mission of pmiCME to develop and present educational activities that are timely, balanced, and scientifically rigorous and that serve to improve patient care.

      Online CME activities on pri-med.com are created and accredited by pmiCME for use exclusively on pri-med.com and will be presented in a consistent way designed in collaboration with medical faculty. With the exception of some Slide Lecture Series content, which may be audio recorded from a Pri-Med live event, all of the Online CME content on pri-med.com is original work. Content will expand on, but will not duplicate, content from Pri-Med live Meetings.
    • What if I have comments or feedback on the content of a particular Online CME activity?
      All online CME activities have an Evaluation form at the end to supply feedback as well as a section to add your suggestions for improvements. You may also send an email with your feedback/suggestions to support@pri-med.com.
    • How does pmiCME determine which website links will be posted on pri-med.com?
      Links to websites from pri-med.com are a service to our users. This should not be considered an endorsement by Pri-Med or DBC Pri-Med, LLC.

      The following criteria apply to all websites linked from pri-med.com:
      • Content must be evidence-based, scientifically rigorous, free of commercial bias, and accessible to the viewer at no cost. Website may not promote or sell a particular product or service. All of the websites and resources linked to the site must also provide valid, non-biased information.
      • Websites posted on pri-med.com will be reviewed quarterly to ensure that they comply with these criteria.
      • pmiCME is solely responsible for determining the Online CME content on pri-med.com.


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  • Patient Education
    • How do I customize patient education handouts?
      Customizable patient education handouts are listed under "Patient Education" and then select the "Customizable Handouts" tab. The address stored in "My Account" will display unless edited. To edit, select "Edit Information" and you may change the address that is printed in the handouts and/or opt to always or never display address information on handouts.


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  • Browser/Operating System Support
    • What browsers/operating systems does pri-med.com support?
      Internet Explorer (version 5.5 and above) is the recommended browser for participants of Pri-Med Online CME activities. Some activities may require additional software, such as Macromedia Flash, Adobe Acrobat, and Microsoft PowerPoint. When an additional plug-in is needed, a link to download the plug-in appear on the page. A minimum screen resolution setting of 800 x 600 is recommended. A high-speed Internet connection (DSL, cable modem, or LAN-based) is not required, however, it is recommended for faster download times.


    Get the Free Adobe® Acrobat® reader. Download the reader by clicking on the logo.



    Download the latest version of Internet Explorer by clicking on the logo.  Or to download Mozilla Firefox, click here.

  • Cookie Information
    • What are "cookies" and does my computer need to accept them to access pri-med.com?
      Your Internet settings should be set to accept cookies - small pieces of information that are stored on Pri-Med and handed to your browser when you arrive at the site. Cookies allow Pri-Med Online to keep track of your preferences. If cookies are disabled, you will not be able to use the customization features of the site. Pri-Med will NOT use cookies to collect personal data unless such collection has been disclosed to you in advance. Please see our privacy policy for more information about cookies and our use of them.

    • How can I make sure that my browser is accepting cookies?
      If you are using Internet Explorer 6.0 or above, please follow these instructions:
      1. Click on the Tools menu.
      2. Select Internet Options.
      3. Click on Privacy tab.
      4. Move the slider so that it is anything other than Block All Cookies.

      If you are using Internet Explorer 5.0 or 5.5, please follow these instructions:
      1. Click on the Tools menu.
      2. Select Internet Options.
      3. Click on Security tab.
      4. Make sure that the Internet zone is selected.
      5. Click on the Custom Level button.
      6. Scroll down to the Cookies section.
      7. Under "Allow per-session cookies," make sure Enable is selected.

      If you are using a browser other Internet Explorer, send an email to support@pri-med.com.


  • JavaScript Information
    • What is "JavaScript" and does my computer need to use this to access pri-med.com?
      Your Internet settings should be set to use JavaScript - functions that are embedded in or included in the pages of the site. JavaScript makes many features of the Pri-Med work properly such as form validation (ie. making sure all required fields are filled in), opening content in new windows, and changing links and images as you mouse over them.

    • How can I make sure that my browser has JavaScript enabled?
      If you are using Internet Explorer 6.0 and above, please follow these instructions:
      1. Click on the Tools menu.
      2. Select Internet Options.
      3. Clink on the Security tab.
      4. Select the Internet icon.
      5. Click on Custom Level.
      6. Scroll to the header labeled Scripting.
      7. Under the Active Scripting sub-heading, click the radio buttons marked Enable.

      If you are using Firefox 2.0, please follow these instructions:
      1. Click on the Tools menu.
      2. Select Options.
      3. Click on the Content tab.
      4. Check the box labeled Enable JavaScript.

      If you are using Safari, please follow these instructions:
      1. Click on the Safari menu.
      2. Select Preferences.
      3. Click on the Security tab.
      4. Under the Web Content sub-heading, check the box labeled Enable JavaScript.

      If you are using a browser other than Internet Explorer, Firefox, and/or Safari, please send an email support@pri-med.com.



Print Certificates

View and print your credit certificates from Pri-Med meetings and/or Online CME.
Tel: (877) 477-4633