About Pri-Med

About Pri-Med™

Our Focus Starts With You

We understand you are busier than ever in your practice, but you are also determined to provide the best care for your patients. For this to happen, you need the latest and most accurate medical insights. By developing new ways to access education and practice tools, we strive to make it easier for you to keep up with the newest medical knowledge. After all, your need for learning has been our focus since 1995, when Pri-Med built our first national continuing medical education curriculum.

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About Pri-Med


Pri-Med is rooted in the philosophy that while new medical breakthroughs are often the product of large global research teams, the process of putting these insights to work for patients is a local endeavor. In order to improve patient care, we need to reach clinicians where they live and practice with low-cost opportunities. We achieve this through live meetings in 25+ cities offered to primary care and family practice clinicians, as well as online learning resources.    


Our educational programs are designed to help you keep pace with new practices, therapies, guidelines and research that directly impact your practice. We combine important new clinical information with practical insights and case discussions from national experts to deliver a timely, relevant and practice-improving curriculum.    


We also know that in today’s world of electronic health records, you need to make informed decisions at the point of care. Our charter needs to go a step further to include resources made available at your moment of need. With our acquisition of Amazing Charts, and the launch of Pri-Med InLight, we are hard at work looking at how we can offer personalized CME recommendations and practice support tools based on information you provide through your EHR.