Doctor with patient using EHR

Electronic Health Record (EHR) Solutions 

EHR technology that supports better outcomes 

While Electronic Health Records play a vital role in today’s practice of medicine, many clinicians are unhappy with their current EHR system due to poor usability and high cost. Pri-Med offers two distinctly different EHR solutions: the cloud-based Amazing Charts InLight EHR that learns how you practice; and the office-based Amazing Charts EHR, winner of the #1 rating for usability in multiple surveys.

Doctor with patient using EHR

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Amazing Charts InLight EHR

Looking for a no-hassle cloud-based EHR solution? Amazing Charts InLight EHR is the very first problem-oriented medical record, a more intuitive way to organize information and workflow. This makes InLight faster, easier, and more satisfying to use.

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Amazing Charts EHR

Don’t have reliable Internet service in your office? Want to run an EHR on your server? Affordable and usable, Amazing Charts EHR was designed by a family physician for independent medical practices.

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