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For a growing number of patients with diabetes, concentrated insulins may be the ideal agents in order to best address challenges of insulin resistance while improving health outcomes. However, the unique properties of these agents mean that each form of concentrated insulin serves a specific function in the overall management of diabetes. It is critical that clinicians are comfortable distinguishing concentrated insulins and selecting ideal patients for treatment as an intimate knowledge of these agents will allow clinicians to optimize treatment and reduce risks. In this interactive case-based roundtable discussion, expert faculty will guide learners through overcoming barriers associated with insulin use, distinguishing among approved concentrated insulin products, identifying patients who would benefit from concentrated insulin therapy, and employing best practices in management in order to minimize risks such as hypoglycemia.


In this expert perspective, Dr. Richard E. Pratley shares strategies for designing insulin regimens that are individualized based upon patient-specific factors. He will also describe the differences between conventional basal insulin products and new-generation basal insulin products, and how to appropriately initiate and titrate newer basal insulin products.


Insulin therapy is more complicated than ever. This important session will teach you how to leverage the many choices of basal, short- and rapid-acting, and premixed insulins, and how to combine them with noninsulin therapies in order to optimize glycemic control, improve adherence, and reduce the risk of hypoglycemia. We will also review new insulin formulations in development and discuss overcoming barriers to injectable therapies.