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Pain Management
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This activity provides an update on the responsible management of chronic pain conditions. Dr. Atchison will discuss an interdisciplinary course of action in managing chronic pain conditions, consisting of both pharmacological and non-pharmacological means. This activity gives information about identifying patients with chronic pain and provides details about individualizing phases of treatment, using interdisciplinary care.


Dr. Ehrlich will discuss the practical aspects of using medical marijuana by patients and how to best advice a patient who is headed for a marijuana dispensary. He will discuss the differences between the strains of medical marijuana and the forms of marijuana available for consumption.

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Somatic Symptom Disorder

Up to 0.25 CME CREDIT

In this Clinical Coffee Break, Dr. Nancy Chang discusses the diagnosis and management of somatic symptom disorder, a common and debilitating condition in which patients present with a myriad of chronic physical symptoms that appear disproportionate with the patient’s general physical condition.


Pain Management Elderly

Pain Management in the Elderly

Up to 0.75 CME CREDIT

This activity will include discussion of the sources and severity of pain in older patients. The pharmacology of the drugs available to treat pain in the elderly will be examined. Additionally, Dr. Conolly will review aspects of the aging body which make treating pain in the elderly different from treating pain in younger patients.


Management of Chronic Pain


In this webcast, Nancy Chang, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, reviews the pathophysiology and management of chronic pain, with a focus on overcoming patients’ psychological barriers to controlling pain.

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Individualization of treatment is important to effectively manage patients with chronic pain. Dr. Patin will discuss strategies to assess therapies and discuss ways to reduce reliance on pharmacological therapies for chronic pain management. He will also talk about approaches you can take to improve patient education and communication regarding pain management.

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This activity presents a patient in chronic pain referred for evaluation regarding utilization/implementation of an interdisciplinary pain program. It will focus on the most common questions and concerns that a patient has about their pain, discontinuing their pain medications, and coming for interdisciplinary treatment. Dr. Atchison will discuss how to answer these questions to assist the patient to understand the need and benefit from this type of program.


Facing a life-threatening illness is difficult for both the patient and the clinician. Dr. Mary Buss discusses common misperceptions about prognosis among both patients and clinicians and how these misperceptions can impact clinical decision-making. She offers specific strategies for discussing prognosis with patients in order to ease patients’ anxiety and incorporate them into the clinical decision-making process.


Charles Argoff, MD, director of the Comprehensive Pain Center at Albany Medical Center, reviews strategies for mitigating risk for opioid misuse and abuse in patients taking opioids for chronic pain management. Dr. Argoff uses case studies to illustrate how to incorporate risk assessment tools into comprehensive screening for patients in chronic pain before you prescribe opioids, so you can better protect yourself and your patients.

Although constipation commonly occurs with chronic opioid therapy, it often goes unrecognized by clinicians, exposing patients to potential medical complications and poor quality of life. During this Interactive Professor™ program, expert faculty will share time-sensitive strategies for assessing bowel patterns as well as prophylactic and more intensive bowel regimens. There is no fee for this activity