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Pri-Med Recognized for "Best-in-Class Award" from the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions

Pri-Med has been recognized by the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEhp) as "Best-in-Class" and will be featured at the Alliance Industry Summit.

Boston, Mass., US–(Marketwired-May 4, 2018)–Pri-Med has been recognized by the Alliance for Continuing Education in the Health Professions (ACEhp) as “Best-in-Class” and will be featured during the annual Alliance Industry Summit on May 7 in Baltimore, MD. The ACEhp award recognizes educational initiatives that have been successful in addressing identified gaps through outcomes-based education that deliver a measurable improvement in the quality of patient care.  

Pri-Med’s presentation, Performance Improvement Tactics that Result in the Advancement of Patient Care and Improved Population Health, is based on a series of innovative programs using advanced analytics, healthcare technology, and targeted provider education to identify and close quality gaps around the use of vaccines. The Pri-Med program analyzed patient-level data against quality improvement performance measures to deliver specific medical education, patient resources, reminders, alerts, and population health reports to the point-of-care.

“By leveraging available data and healthcare technology, we’ve seen that the prescriptive delivery of medical education, aligned with clinical resources, can be a highly effective way to close gaps in patient care,” said Marc Mosier, MD, Chief Medical Officer at Pri-Med.  A robust, retrospective study to measure the impact of the program designed by Pri-Med demonstrated significant improvements. While baseline vaccination rates were relatively low, Pri-Med measured increases of more than 40% in vaccination rates across all patients. Improvements were also seen in certain higher risk patient cohorts, such as those with diabetes, COPD, or HIV.

“Our initiative sought not only to evolve the design of medical education, but to also target educational resources based on gaps in care identified in patient data,” said Mosier. “Evolving healthcare technologies and increasingly available access to data will continue to offer opportunities to integrate innovative and effective interventions to improve patient care.”

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