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pmiCME Recipient of NAMEC Best Practice Award

Pri-Med’s ConnectED Learning program awarded for ‘Best Practice in Enduring Material Education Design and Evaluation’ by the National Association of Medical Education Companies.

Boston, Mass., US– (Marketwired-January 25, 2019)–Pri-Med was awarded for "Best Practice in Enduring Material Education Design and Evaluation" by the National Association of Medical Education Companies for its ConnectED Learning continuing medical education program. ConnectED Learning is a blended learning program that combines multiple live and online educational activities in an integrated curriculum designed to improve provider knowledge within specific therapeutic areas. Pri-Med received the award at the Alliance 2019 Annual Conference for its 2018 ConnectED Learning Asthma program.

This award recognizes the ConnectED Learning program for the ability to educate by identifying the needs of its target audience, applying adult learning principles, and facilitating the assessment of outcomes.  With the more than 6,900 activity completions to date in the ConnectED Learning Asthma curriculum, learners completing all five activities in the series have demonstrated an 87% improvement in their knowledge and competence, compared to 25% improvement for those who completed only one activity.

Pri-Med launched six ConnectED Learning curricula in 2018, covering asthma, COPD, depression, diabetes, influenza, and pneumococcal vaccination. These ConnectED Learning programs have had more than 42,900 activity completions to date, and learners who participated in multiple educational activities have consistently demonstrated greater increases in knowledge and competence than have learners who participated in only one activity.

"Pri-Med is honored to be recognized by NAMEC for our ConnectED Learning program," said Matt Gagalis, General Manager of Educational Programs at Pri-Med. "We have been pleased with the strong outcomes that all of our ConnectED Learning programs have delivered, and we look forward to rolling out new programs in 2019."

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