Pri-Med Southwest

AANP Pharmacology Credits Available

Below is a listing of sessions that include AANP pharmacology credits, as a component of the AANP contact hours. Sessions that do not offer pharmacology credit are not listed here. The maximum AANP pharmacology credit available for Pri-Med Southwest is 9.47 credits. Please continue to check back for updates to available pharmacology credit. For the most up-to-date session schedule and a list of speakers, view the conference agenda.

Thursday, April 11, 2024

Alzheimer's Disease in Primary Care: Early Identification and New Anti-Amyloid Treatment Options
9:45-10:45am 0.33 Pharmacology Credits
High-Yield Updates in Pediatrics: Tackling Obesity, Addressing Food Insecurity, Preventing RSV, and Assessing/Protecting Hearing
9:45-10:45am 0.2 Pharmacology Credits
Two Sides of the Same Coin: A Dual-Focused Approach for Diabetes and Weight Management
10:50-11:50am 0.33 Pharmacology Credits
Diagnosis and Management of Acute Infections in Primary Care
10:50-11:50am 0.5 Pharmacology Credits
Burning Issues in Primary Care: GERD, Esophagitis, IBS
1:05-2:05pm 0.4 Pharmacology Credits
Keeping Up with the New Guidelines: Notable Updates for Primary Care Clinicians
 2:10-3:10pm 1.0 Pharmacology Credits
Embracing the Journey: End of Life Care Planning and Palliative Care
 2:10-3:10pm 0.75 Pharmacology Credits
Skin Deep: Mastering Benign Conditions in Primary Care
 3:30-4:00pm 0.16 Pharmacology Credits
Preventive Cardiology: A Roadmap for Primary Care Clinicians
 3:30-4:00pm 0.16 Pharmacology Credits
Skin Deep: Mastering Malignant Conditions in Primary Care
 4:00-4:30pm 0.25 Pharmacology Credits
Heart Failure Update
 4:00-4:30pm 0.12 Pharmacology Credits
  Ask the Experts: Cardiology
 4:30-5:30pm 0.33 Pharmacology Credits

Friday, April 12, 2024

You Got This! From Fear to Empowerment: Finally Integrating HIV and Sexual Health Services into Your Practice
7:45-8:45am  0.25 Pharmacology Credits 
New Advances and Understanding in COVID-19
10:50-11:20am  0.33 Pharmacology Credits 
Common Queries in Women's Health: Midlife Changes
10:50-11:20am  0.25 Pharmacology Credits 
Medical Literature Updates
12:35-1:35pm  0.5 Pharmacology Credits 
The Dysfunctional Diabetic Foot
12:35-1:35pm  0.25 Pharmacology Credits 
P.A.C.T.: Practical Approaches to Comprehensive Treatment of Pain: Part 1
1:40-2:25pm 0.75 Pharmacology Credits
P.A.C.T.: Practical Approaches to Comprehensive Treatment of Pain: Part 2
2:45-4:00pm 0.625 Pharmacology Credits
Balancing Act: A Primary Care Approach to Adolescent Mental Well-Being
2:45-4:00pm 0.31 Pharmacology Credits
P.A.C.T.: Practical Approaches to Comprehensive Treatment of Pain: Part 3
4:05-5:35pm 0.88 Pharmacology Credits
 Curbside Consults: Top Questions from PCPs on Sleep Apnea and Anemia
4:05-5:35pm  0.3 Pharmacology Credits

Saturday, April 13, 2024

Management of Urinary Tract Infections: Tackling Murkey Issues
 7:45-8:45am  0.25 Pharmacology Credits
Prescribing with Precision: Optimizing Medication Use in Patients with Kidney Disease
 9:45-10:45am  1.0 Pharmacology Credits
New Tools and Opportunities for Managing Patients with or at High Risk of CVD
 9:45-10:45am  1.0 Pharmacology Credits
Overview of Functional Abdominal Pain Disorders in Children
 10:50-11:20am  0.12 Pharmacology Credits
Early Detection Saves Lives: Know the Signs of a Brain Aneurysm
 12:35-1:35pm  0.2 Pharmacology Credits
Curbside Consults: Top Questions from the PCP on Osteoporosis and PCOS
 12:35-1:35pm  0.8 Pharmacology Credits
Exploring Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Evidence-Based Approaches for Primary Care Clinicians
 1:40-2:40pm  0.6 Pharmacology Credits
Curbside Consults: Top Questions from PCPs on Depression and Anxiety
1:40-2:40pm 1.0 Pharmacology Credits