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Keynote Sessions

Connect and Be Heard: Make a Difference in Health Care with Social Media*– Watch On DemandWatch

Lifestyle is the Medicine; What's the Spoon?*– Watch On DemandWatch

Exemplary Leadership: Lessons from the Pages of History and Contemporary TimesWatch On DemandWatch

Primary Care Updates | Thursday, December 6, 2018

A Clinician's Guide to the Diagnosis of Autoimmune Connective Tissue Diseases

Abnormal Gaits: An Eyeblink Diagnosis

Changing Paradigms in the Diagnosis and Management of Erectile Dysfunction and HypogonadismWatch On DemandWatch

Current Concepts in the Management of Influenza: What You Should Know to Reduce the Burden of Disease

Decreasing Cardiovascular Risk with Antihyperglycemic Agents in Patients with T2DM

Expanding the Role of GLP-1 Receptor Agonists in the Changing Landscape of T2DM

Medicines for the Mind: An Overview of PsychopharmacologyWatch On DemandWatch

Practical Guide to the Management of Atherogenic Lipids

SAFE Opioid Prescribing - Part 1

SAFE Opioid Prescribing - Part 2

SAFE Opioid Prescribing - Part 3

Tightening the Belt: A Coordinated & Shared-Decision Approach to the Management of Obesity

Annual Conference | Friday, December 7, 2018

2018 Infectious Diseases UpdateWatch On DemandWatch

ADD & ADHD in Children and Adults: Beyond Stimulants

Ask the Expert: Neurology Pearls

Asthma Update 2018: What's New Since the 2007 National Asthma Guidelines?

Autism: Screening, Diagnosis, and Resources

Boston Marathon Mobilization of Care and Best Practice Bleeding Control*

Calling a Time-Out: Cardiac Screening in the Young Athlete

Cardiovascular Prevention Guidelines: Pearls for Putting Them into PracticeWatch On DemandWatch

Case Studies in Rheumatic DiseaseWatch On DemandWatch

Challenging Diagnostic Dilemmas in Primary CareWatch On DemandWatch

Doctor's Lounge: Infectious DiseaseWatch On DemandWatch

Doctor's Lounge: RheumatologyWatch On DemandWatch

Emerging Clinical Approaches to the Effective Management of Diabetes & Associated Risks

Hormone Therapy for Menopause: Myths, Benefits, and HarmsWatch On DemandWatch

Medical Marijuana: Weeding Fiction from FactWatch On DemandWatch

New Drugs and Vaccines for Primary Care Practice

The Pharmacotherapy of Alcohol and Opioid Use DisordersWatch On DemandWatch

Update on Parkinson's Disease and Alzheimer's Disease TreatmentsWatch On DemandWatch

Annual Conference | Saturday, December 8, 2018

Burnout Panel Discussion*

Caring for Me, Caring for You: Strategies to Pursue Personal Health and Create a Culture of WellnessWatch On DemandWatch

Closing the Loop on Lupus: Primary Care's Key Role in the Elusive Diagnosis and Management of Patients

Coffee with Dr. Chopra: Leadership, Life, and Liver*– Watch On DemandWatch

Concussion Update 2018Watch On DemandWatch

e-Cigarettes and Vaping: The Good, the Bad, and the UglyWatch On DemandWatch

Effectively Treating Anxiety Disorders in Primary CareWatch On DemandWatch

Efficient Exercise: Best Evidence for You and Your PatientsWatch On DemandWatch

"Is there a Doctor Onboard?": Medical Emergencies on Commercial FlightsWatch On DemandWatch

Medical Group Visits: Moving into Primary Care, Are You Ready?Watch On DemandWatch

Migraine, Tension, and Cluster Headache: Primary Care for Primary Headaches

Orthopedic Demonstration: Common Upper Extremity Musculoskeletal InjuriesWatch On DemandWatch

Orthopedic Demonstration: Shoulder Problems in Primary CareWatch On DemandWatch

Pediatric Updates 2018Watch On DemandWatch

PTSD Presentation and Treatment in Primary CareWatch On DemandWatch

Re-Engineering Your Clinical Practice for Patient and Physician Well-BeingWatch On DemandWatch

Treating Obesity and the Skinny on Gluten FreeWatch On DemandWatch

Updates from the 2018 ACC Scientific Sessions: Important Takeaways The Will Change Clinical PracticeWatch On DemandWatch

Updates on Screening from the USPSTFWatch On DemandWatch

What Did You Forget? The Real-world Care of Older Adults with Cognitive ImpairmentWatch On DemandWatch

Weaning Off Chronic OpioidsWatch On DemandWatch

Annual Conference | Sunday, December 9, 2018

Approach to Diagnosis and Management of Low Back Pain for the PCPWatch On DemandWatch

Best Practices: Geriatric UpdateWatch On DemandWatch

Can't Miss Dermatology Diagnoses: Cutaneous Manifestations of Systemic DiseaseWatch On DemandWatch

Case Studies in VaginitisWatch On DemandWatch

Cases in Type 2 Diabetes ManagementWatch On DemandWatch

Doctor's Lounge: Low Testosterone; Myth or Magic?Watch On DemandWatch

Integrated Primary and Palliative Care: The Changing Role of PCP in Advanced IllnessWatch On DemandWatch

LGBTQ Mental Health: From Closets to CommunitiesWatch On DemandWatch

Medical Literature Updates 2018Watch On DemandWatch

Obesity: Lifestyle, Medication, and SurgeryWatch On DemandWatch

Risk-Based Evaluation and Management of VTEWatch On DemandWatch

Updates You Should Know About Treating Asthma in ChildrenWatch On DemandWatch

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