George L. Bakris, MD

Professor of Medicine, Director, ASH Comprehensive Hypertension Center, University of Chicago Medicine, Chicago, IL

Dr. Bakris is a nephrologist and tenured Professor of Medicine and Director of the ASH Comprehensive Hypertension Center in the Department of Medicine at the University of Chicago Medicine. He has published over 800 peer reviewed articles and book chapters in the areas of diabetic kidney disease, hypertension, and progression of nephropathy. He is the Editor or Co-Editor of 20 books, in the areas of Kidney Disease Progression and Diabetes as well as the new (2017) 3rd edition of Hypertension: A Companion to Braunwald’s The Heart. Additionally, He is the current Editor-in-Chief, Am J Nephrology, Editor-in-Chief- Up-to-Date, Nephrology section, Hypertension Section Editor Up-to-Date and Assoc. Ed of Diabetes Care. He has also served on many national guideline committees including: The Joint National Committee Writing Groups JNC 7 (2003), the American Diabetes Association Clinical Practice Guideline Committee (2002-2004), the National Kidney Foundation (K-DOQI) Blood Pressure Guideline committee (2002-2004 & 2013), (K-DOQI) Diabetes Guideline committee (2003-2005 & 2014), and Chair, ADA Blood Pressure Consensus Report (2016-2017).