Bridging the Gap: Conversations with Dr. Hall

Dr. Gregory Hall, MD

A CME Web Series Focused on Addressing Healthcare Disparities for African Americans

In each episode of Bridging the Gap, Gregory L. Hall, MD, educates primary care clinicians on different aspects of African American health in order to help improve patient outcomes. Topics include cancer screening and prevention, communication and bias diabetes, dietary differences, hypertension, improving adherence and compliance, obesity, psychiatric disorders, and renal disease.

An expert in African American healthcare, Dr. Hall currently serves as an associate professor in both integrative medical sciences and internal medicine at Northeast Ohio Medical Center and as an assistant clinical professor in medicine at Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine. He is also the director of the Institute for African American Health in Cleveland, OH, and recently authored Patient-Centered Clinical Care for African Americans: A Concise, Evidence-Based Guide to Important Differences and Better Outcomes, originally published in November 2019.