Pri-Med South

Fort Lauderdale, FL | February 7-10, 2019

Greater Ft. Lauderdale/ Broward County Convention Center

Screening for the Young Athlete: Pearls and Pitfalls


Screening of the young athlete ranges from questionnaires to advanced cardiovascular diagnostic testing. The risk of disease in this population is quite low, yet each event has devestating consequences to families and communities. Prevention of even one event makes such clear moral sense that we feel obligated to employ any and all available tools that could possibly help do just that. It is important that we understand the tools available and that we use them effectively to save as many susceptible young lives as possible. It will be the goal of this talk to best understand the tools available with their advantages and disadvantages. We will also discuss the controversies surrounding these population health screening programs.

Learning Objectives

Understand the scope of the problem including prevalence of disease and impact of cardiovascular events in the young athlete

Understand the myriad screening mechanisms for cardiovascular risk and the added value

Understand the value of a single resting ECG in a low risk population

Understand the controversies and costs over widespread cardiovascular screening programs


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Michael D. Dyal, MD, FACC

I spent my entire childhood on a ball field. I continued my athletic journey to college where I was a 2 sport NCAA athlete and helped my college lacrosse team to a national final four appearance. My current clinical interests are largely in the realm...

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