The clinical course of heart failure is progressive and often involves periods of disease worsening that can be challenging to identify for both patients and their health care providers.1-4 In this episode, featuring cardiologist Dr Lee Goldberg of the University of Pennsylvania, we will discuss key aspects of the clinical assessment of heart failure worsening and progression in the outpatient setting and emphasize the importance of optimizing guideline-directed medical therapy in patients with worsening heart failure as well as in those with stable disease.  


Lee R. Goldberg, MD, MPH
Vice Chair of Medicine, Informatics
Section Chief, Advanced Heart Failure and Cardiac Transplant
Professor of Medicine
University of Pennsylvania 


This podcast is nonpromotional and is intended to provide disease-state education rather than information on specific products or therapies. The podcast was sponsored by the Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation, and the speakers were compensated for their time. The statements in the podcast reflect the medical expertise and opinions of the presenters.


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