Do you want more information on continuous glucose monitoring (also known as “CGM”) or wonder if continuous glucose monitoring can help you better manage your diabetes? Listen to this podcast hosted by two diabetes education specialists, Diana Isaacs, PharmD, and Patricia Montesinos, NP, as they discuss common questions from people with diabetes about continuous glucose monitoring. The pair will start by reviewing what CGM is, how it works, and describe the different types of CGM devices and how they are used. Then they will move on to discuss topics including the pros and cons of CGM, who qualifies for CGM, common questions about using CGM devices, and how to decide about which device might be right for you. 

Please note that information in this podcast is not meant to replace the guidance of your doctor or diabetes healthcare team. Please consult a medical professional regarding whether CGM is a good choice for you. Any device information, indications, and guidelines presented in this activity are current as of the recording on 10/22/2020 and they are subject to change as new information is published.



Learning Objectives

  • Define continuous glucose monitoring (CGM)
  • Describe how CGM works and is different from other methods of blood glucose monitoring
  • Review the current types of CGM devices available and their important features
  • Understand the differences between devices and how to determine which device is right for you




Patricia H. Montesinos, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, BC-ADM, CDE

MedStar Diabetes Institute
Washington, DC



Diana Isaacs, PharmD, BCPS, BC-ADM, BCACP, CDCES

Endocrinology Clinical Pharmacy Specialist/CGM Program Coordinator
Endocrinology and Metabolism Institute
Cleveland Clinic Diabetes Center
Cleveland, OH




The following relevant financial relationships have been disclosed by faculty:


Speaker's Bureau for Novo Nordisk Inc. Dexcom, Abbott, and Xeris Pharmaceuticals
Consulting for Companion Medical


Patricia Hathway Montesinos, MSN, APRN, FNP-BC, BC-ADM, CDCES

Consultant for BioTel

Commercial Supporters

Lilly. For further information concerning Lilly grant funding visit www.lillygrantoffice.com. 

Education Partners

Pri-Med Institute and Association of Diabetes Care & Education Specialists


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