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In 2013, a groundbreaking clinical trial from Spain touted the benefits of the Mediterranean Diet to reduce CVD risk. A recent review of the study found some irregularities in the randomization procedure that cast concern on the validity of the findings. After reanalysis of the data, however, the results were essentially the same.

Oxygen is frequently given to patients routinely during the initial treatment of a myocardial infarction, but there is a lack of data to support or refute this. A recent systematic review found no benefit in patients who did not have baseline hypoxia. Oxygen therapy continues to be indicated for those with hypoxia and needs to be used with caution in COPD patients with carbon dioxide retention

In this week's podcast episode, we will identify the known health risks of OSA and outcomes of OSA treatment, discuss the new USPSTF screening recommendations on OSA and consider application of the new recommendations, known risks and outcomes of practice.

In this week's podcast episode, we will review recent literature on ineffectiveness of laxatives and learn about indications for newer agents.

In this podcast episode, we consider the premise of overdiagnosis and how it applies to women being screened for breast cancer and highlight ways to mitigate the risks of overdiagnosis of breast cancer.

Sensitive and important conversations with your adolescent population include contraceptive options. How do long acting reversible contraceptive methods (LARC’s) fit into your conversation? Let’s discuss a recent review and update your talk!

For patients who are being treated for a skin abscess, the role of antibiotics following incision and drainage remains controversial. While most patients will get better, giving antibiotics may increase rates of resolution. Should antibiotics be given to everyone or is a more selective approach better?

Breastfeeding exclusively in the first 6 months of life is widely recommended. However, in this study of newborns who were losing weight because their mother’s milk had not yet come in, post-breastfeeding supplementation improved weight and did not alter breast feeding rates at one month.

This episode reviews a study that looked at imaging that was performed over a one year period for women with a complaint of breast pain.