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This talk will feature helpful information on allergic rhinitis and rhinosinusitis for primary care healthcare providers. In addition ,the faculty will provide updates on new research in both of these fields.


In this session, attendees will learn how to use a risk-based approach to the evaluation of patients with suspected PE or DVT. Attendees will learn strategies for risk stratification to identify patients with PE or DVT who are at increased risk for early and late complications and who may benefit from some of the advanced techniques now available. The role of anticoagulation for prevention of early recurrence as well as long-term extended prophylaxis will be emphasized.


Dementia afflicts over five million Americans. Although no cure exists, symptomatic treatments can provide temporary benefits and improve quality of life. Several medications that are effective in reducing symptoms and slowing decline are available, and other medicines and innovative treatments are in development. Healthy lifestyle habits have been shown to reduce risk and delay onset of symptoms. This presentation will review the latest information on diagnosis and treatment of dementia and discuss new approaches in the pipeline. The speaker will also highlight healthy behaviors shown to reduce symptoms, compensate for age-related cognitive decline, and protect brain health. * What's New in Dementia? may meet the criteria of the Medical Board of California for 0.75 credit of Geriatrics. Visit www.mbc.ca.gov for details.