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Attend a Pri-Med Annual Conference and you will be joined by thousands of your peers in a CME/CE program centered on helping you interpret and apply the latest clinical trial data and recommendations for improved primary care. Register today!


Dr. Nangia will discuss cancer survivorship, and will review what long term follow-up cancer patients need. This section will also cover potential long term and late adverse events cancer patients can experience and how to manage them. Learn what survivorship care plans are and how they can help primary care providers. Dr. Gramatges will present an overview of late effects experienced by survivors of childhood cancer, focusing on general patterns, common outcomes, and excess morbidity/mortality risk. She will also discuss follow up patterns and distribution (primary care vs. oncology specialty care), need for subspecialty care, and the concept of a ‘shared-care’ model. Dr. Gramatges will introduce the evidence-based guidelines for childhood cancer survivors, where they may be accessed for public use, and strategies for guidelines dissemination and adherence, such as Passport for Care.


What’s new in prostate cancer screening? Tune in to this webcast for the latest guidelines, screening methods, and data on the role of multi-parametric MRI of the prostate in screening and diagnosis of prostate cancer.

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New Drugs for the PCP: What You Need to Know

1.00 CME/MOC
1.00 AANP | 1.00 Pharmacology

Keeping up with the many new drugs approved for use each year is a constant challenge. However only a small number of new drugs each year are novel, work by a new mechanism, and are relevant for primary care practice. This talk provides a balanced evaluation of these important novel drugs, and will address efficacy, side effects, cost, and the impact on primary care practice. In addition, we will discuss at length the efficacy and safety of the COVID vaccines available in the U.S. through Emergency Use Authorization.

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Updates in Preventive Cardiology and Aortic Disease

1.50 CME/MOC
1.50 AANP | 0.50 Pharmacology

Join Dr. Ty Gluckman and Dr. Rachel Bond as they discuss important areas in cardiology where primary care clinicians can make a big difference. These topics include recognizing aortic and thoracic aneurisms, including screening in appropriate populations. Also included are updates in lipids management.

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It's Not You, It's Me: Personality Disorders in Primary Care

1.00 CME/MOC
1.00 AANP | 0.33 Pharmacology

Personality disorders are a class of mental disorders characterized by pervasive maladaptive patterns of behavior, cognition, and inner experience, exhibited across many contexts and deviating from cultural norms. These patterns are inflexible and are associated with distress and impairment. That said, the definitions are controversial. Case examples will illustrate this class of mental disorders, along with suggested non-pharmacological and pharmacological interventions.