Exhibits & Presentation Theaters

Meaningful DiscussionsĀ 

Engage and have meaningful discussions with primary care clinicians at Pri-Med Regional Conferences. Opportunities include Presentation Theater with a kiosk exhibit in Product Forum and onsite sponsorships. With a limited quantity of sponsors, Pri-Med Regional Conferences allow clinicians ample time to meet with you and discuss the benefits of your product, services, or treatment options. 

Pri-Med Presentation Theaters

Pri-Med Regional Conference Opportunity

Pri-Med Product Forum

Presentation Theater with Exhibit in the Product Forum

Presentation Theaters provide an opportunity to reach a clinician audience who is focused on learning. These theaters deliver over 100 clinicians to your 45-minute presentation. Truly a turnkey product, Pri-Med will market your presentation, register clinicians, and provide all operational logistics. Sponsors are only responsible for session topic and speaker.

The Product Forum is a dedicated engagement area allowing Presentation Theater sponsors to meet with clinicians before and after their theater session. The forum creates an ideal environment to engage with clinicians and provides quality time to have meaningful discussions with clinicians you want to meet with the most.