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We believe that no clinician learns the exact same way. That’s why you’ll get recommendations customized to your educational interests and ever-changing professional needs.

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What you encounter in practice requires a breadth of CME content that mirrors your patients’ medical conditions. Unlike some educators who specialize in content delivery, we measure educational success based on the patient outcomes our clinicians achieve.

Proven Outcomes

You can be confident in the quality of Pri-Med education. For over 20 years, we have developed trusted relationships with prominent experts in research and practice, and the finest institutions in medicine. All of that, of course, would mean little were it not for the demonstrated loyalty and continuous participation of so many healthcare providers like you.

Our redesigned CME Tracker does much more than keep all of your credit certificates in one place. Follow your educational progress over time, get personalized course recommendations, and quickly resume any activity you have in progress.

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Online learning shouldn’t be a solitary affair. That’s why you can post comments and questions to the full clinician community. Sharing your thoughts with your peers truly enhances the learning experience for all.

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