Digital Opportunities

Extend the Reach of your Content gives you an avenue to engage with an online audience of over 275,000 registered clinicians and keep your brand top of mind over the course of the year. Incorporate Pri-Med digital opportunities into your live conference marketing strategy to reinforce your message and maximize your reach. 

Year-long Clinician Engagement Platform is a growing community of over 275,000 U.S.-based clinicians. Users visit the site frequently to access medical information, earn CME credits, and register for live programs. 

Pri-Med presents several opportunities for you to leverage the reach and resourcefulness of the site to drive traffic and interact with our online community to support your brand objectives.   

Practice Type

Product Info Pack:

The Product Info Pack is a great way to use existing collateral that has gone through legal review to extend the life and impact of the messaging.

Product Spotlight

Option 1, Produced by Pri-Med: Extend the reach of your live presentation theater, by capturing your thought leader onsite and hosting the video on                                             Option 2, Commercial Supporter's Asset: Extend the life of existing, legal reviewed video content by hosting it on

Expert Roundtable

20-30 minute live or pre-recorded webcast running adjacent to timely and relevant conference coverage and the latest disease state education.