Pri-Med Atlanta | Ferris Wheel

Thursday−Friday, September 5–6|Atlanta, GA

Pri-Med Atlanta | Regional CME/CE Conference

Thursday, September 5 2024



Patient-Centered Clinical Care for African Americans: Cardiovascular Disease


In this presentation, Dr. Greg Hall reviews the national cardiovascular data related to African American health outcomes as well as the significantly worse outcomes related to thrombosis in strokes, heart attacks, DVTs, atrial fibrillation, and anticoagulation differences that can negatively impact care outcomes. We will also review data related to salt sensitivity and discuss best practices for communication and prevention in African American populations.

Learning Objectives

  • Discuss the latest life expectancy data for the US population by race/ethnicity
  • Summarize the health disparities in the US for cardiovascular diseases, including hypertension, myocardial infarctions, stroke, and vascular disease
  • Describe the impact of a suspected increased clotting propensity overall as well as that associated with a cancer diagnosis