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The Help & Support section includes the most commonly asked questions by clinicians in regards to Pri-Med Online and Pri-Med Medical Conferences.

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What is is:

  1. A timely online CME resource built exclusively for PCPs that offers high-quality, unbiased no-cost online CME and tools & resources relevant to the primary care practice
  2. Customizable to each physician's interests
  3. An online destination to learn about and register for all Pri-Med programs - live and online.

What is the Pri-Med Institute?

Pri-Med Institute is the accreditation division of DBC Pri-Med, LLC. Pri-Med Institute was introduced with the mission to provide clinically relevant educational activities for clinicians that will advance healthcare practice and the outcomes of care for patients. Pri-Med Institute is committed to providing superior quality continuing education that is evidence-based, and clinical management strategies that are innovative in design and that motivate physicians to adopt appropriate, up-to-date clinical practices.

What is a Pri-Med account?  What are the benefits of having a Pri-Med account?

A Pri-Med account is an account that allows you to log in to Pri-Med's online community, take online activities, and register for medical conferences.  Your Pri-Med account will also give you access to the CME tracker, which is an online record of your CME credits from Pri-Med and elsewhere.

Why are you asking for my email address?

We are requiring your email address for a few important reasons: 1) Your email address will serve as a secure log-in for your Pri-Med account. 2) Certificates will only be available electronically accessed through your account. 3)  Email is the quickest way to stay informed about upcoming CME opportunities, including information on the ones you've registered for.

How do I create a PMO Account?

There are two ways to create an account:

  1. Sign up online at and click on "Join."
  2. Register for a live program, during which you will be prompted to create your password and an account will be set-up for you.

How do I stop receiving communications from Pri-Med?

Please contact Customer Service at 877-477-4633 and ask to be removed from all, or specific, communications.

What do I do if I have a question, suggestion, or comment about

Send a note to All questions, suggestions, and comments will be logged and the resolutions tracked so we can continuously improve the product.

What does NPI stand for?  Why do you require an NPI number to register for a Medical Conference?

NPI stand for National Provider Identifier.  Unlike email addresses, NPI numbers are unique and do not change.  They are required by HIPPA for almost all medically related information or financial transactions, including prescribing and referrals; it therfore helps us to be sure that all of our attendees are active participants in healthcare delivery.  Our grant supporters and trade show partners also need NPI numbers for their reporting under the Sunshine Act.  We have therefore decided that an accurate NPI number is a minumum requirement for participation at a Pri-Med live program.

How do I change my username, password, email, or contact info?

Login to your account and click on your "My Account" link on the upper right hand side. In this area you will be able to update all of your Pri-Med account information.

CME/CE Conferences

What type of medical conferences does Pri-Med offer?

Pri-Med offers CME/CE conferences for primary care clinicians across the US, at both Annual Conferences and Regional Conferences.

Annual Conferences are three- or four-day events that feature multiple tracks of education, a large Exhibit Hall, and additional learning opportunities such as Industry Theaters and workshops. Currently, Pri-Med hosts Annual Conferences in five major healthcare markets: Pri-Med East in Boston, MA; Pri-Med Midwest in Rosemont, IL; Pri-Med South in Orlando, FL; Pri-Med Southwest in Houston, TX; and Pri-Med West in Anaheim, CA. At Annual Conferences, Pri-Med hosts a pre-conference day known as Primary Care Updates – where clinicians can select the conference pass that best suits their educational needs during the registration process.

Regional Conferences are one- or two-day programs in convenient locations across the country, allowing clinicians to access the latest clinical insights and guidelines close to where they work and live. In addition to CME/CE sessions led by expert faculty, these conferences also provide a chance to engage with local industry experts in Industry Theaters and the Product Forum.

Pri-Med also offers Cardiology Updates, a series of one-day CME conferences designed specifically for cardiology-focused clinicians. These conferences are delivered by the leading voices in cardiovascular medicine, including Course Chair Peter Libby, MD.

Find a CME/CE conference near you.

Do these conferences have registration fees?

Both Annual Conferences and Regional Conferences have registration fees. Fees for each CME/CE conference vary and can be found on the individual conference websites. These registration fees allow Pri-Med to continue to provide the highest quality education, delivered by world-renowned clinician educators.

Registration for Cardiology Updates is complimentary; however, registration is limited to cardiology-focused clinicians only.

Medical students and residents can register for any Pri-Med conference at no cost; however, CME/CE credit will not be awarded. 

Can I receive a refund if I cancel my registration or if I am unable to attend?

We cannot issue a refund for the registration fee, but you can transfer your registration to a future conference of the same type.

If you register onsite at an Annual Conference for the following year’s conference during the promotion period, you can cancel your registration for a full refund up to 30 days before the following year’s conference date.

Are food and beverages provided?

Food and beverage availability varies depending on conference type, as follows:

Annual Conference

Coffee is provided each morning outside the session rooms and water stations are located throughout the venue. Lunch is provided for all attendees on Primary Care Updates, the pre-conference day. Pri-Med does not provide lunch for attendees during the remaining conference days. Food options include a limited number of boxed lunches provided by Pri-Med at the Industry Theaters and additional concessions offered for purchase by the venue.

Regional Conference

Breakfast, coffee, and lunch are included with your registration. Water stations will also be available.

Cardiology Updates

Breakfast, coffee, and lunch are included with your registration. Water stations will also be available.

Food and beverages are provided by Pri-Med, the event organizer.

Can Pri-Med accommodate dietary restrictions?

On conference days when Pri-Med provides meals, vegetarian options are available. Pri-Med can also accommodate additional dietary restrictions, which can be selected during the registration process or in the Registration Resource Center if you are already registered. To request a meal accommodation directly, please contact the Customer Care team at or call (877) 477-4633 (MondayFriday, 9am−6pm ET). Once onsite at the conference, please inform a Pri-Med staff member of your request so they can coordinate with the catering staff.

What is a Ticketed Event? How do I get tickets?

Ticketed Events are your chance to enhance your conference experience during CME/CE session breaks by attending additional learning opportunities, such as clinical training programs, educational symposia, non-CME/CE Industry Theaters, and workshops. Tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis, and you can receive a ticket for only one opportunity in each time slot. The ticketed process varies depending on conference type, as follows:

Annual Conference and Pri-Med New York

You can add Ticketed Events to your itinerary as early as eight weeks prior to the conference, either during the registration process or by logging in to the Registration Resource Center if you are already registered. Pri-Med will also email registrants to announce when Ticketed Events are available for selection. CME/CE workshops at Annual Conferences may carry an additional registration fee.

Regional Conference

Tickets are distributed onsite at the conference each day from the Ticket Booth.

Cardiology Updates

If a Ticketed Event is confirmed for this conference, tickets will be available during the registration process as soon as possible. Depending on remaining capacity, tickets may also be distributed onsite.

How do I view the CME/CE session slides?

Session slides are available free through the Pri-Med Events – USA conference mobile app for up to two weeks after the conference. Some session slides are not available due to the nature of the presentation or copyright concerns.

How do I claim CME/CE credit?

You must be present at the conference to receive credit. To verify your attendance and ensure access to the evaluation system, be sure to have your badge scanned upon arrival each day. At an Annual Conference and Pri-Med New York, the printing of your badge on your first day of attendance serves as the scan for that day.

You can complete your session evaluations through the Pri-Med Events – USA conference mobile app or by visiting the evaluation website shared at the conference. You have four days after the conference to complete your evaluations. Once completed, you will receive your CME/CE certificate in your account the next day. Pri-Med will also email you a copy of your certificate.

How do I download the conference mobile app?

For an easier, faster, and on-the-go conference experience, download the Pri-Med Events mobile app. Features include the ability to access session slides, create a personalized agenda, answer live polling questions, submit questions to presenters, and complete evaluations. To download:

  • Search for Pri-Med Events – USA in your app store
  • Download the app and find the conference you are attending
  • Log in using the email printed on your badge and create a password

What should I bring with me to the conference?
We encourage you to bring a pen, notebook, device charger(s), and sweater.

Does Pri-Med validate parking?

No, Pri-Med is not responsible for validating parking, as many of the lots near the conference venues are privately owned.

Can Pri-Med make accommodations for disabilities and special needs?

Yes. In accordance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Pri-Med seeks to make conferences accessible to all. All facilities are ADA-compliant, and Pri-Med offers solutions for hearing devices, scooters, wheelchairs, etc.

If you have a need that might require special accommodations, please contact the Customer Care team at or call (877) 477-4633 (Monday−Friday, 9am−6pm ET).

Are children allowed at the conference?

So that we can provide all Pri-Med attendees with the optimal learning environment, children over the age of two are not permitted at the conference. Accommodations will be made for new mothers.

What accommodations will be made for new mothers?

Pri-Med provides a new mother’s space at Annual Conferences and Pri-Med New York. For specific locations, please check the conference mobile app or ask a Pri-Med staff member to assist you.

Can I bring a chaperone?

Chaperones are permitted free of charge at all conferences for attendees who are hearing or visually impaired, need assistance walking, or have additional special needs.

Can I bring a guest?

Guests are permitted at Annual Conferences for an additional $45 fee. Guests can access only the Exhibit Hall and public spaces, as seats in the session rooms are reserved for healthcare providers only.

Online Education

Will there be more content added to

Yes. Content is added regularly in 70 topic areas.

Can I keep track of the CME credits I earn using

One of the key tools available online is the CME Tracker. It automatically tracks your credits earned at Pri-Med Online and offers immediate, anytime download and printing of certificates.  It also provides copies of certificates earned at live Pri-Med programs. Plus you can manually add credits to the CME Tracker earned at other programs, allowing you to maintain an online records of all your CME credits.