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Managing patients’ symptoms of menopause can elicit feelings of uncertainty and hesitation in clinicians. Our array of expert-led menopause CME/CE sessions are here to boost your confidence. Through evidence-based education, you’ll explore available and emerging treatment options, risks to consider, and how you can contribute to an improved quality of life for women experiencing menopause. New to Pri-Med? Create your free account in less than 60 seconds and start earning credits now.

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Clinicians’ feelings of reluctance and confusion while addressing their patients’ menopause symptoms may create obstacles to care. Our sessions are designed to empower you to address menopause topics such as hormonal and nonhormonal management options, what the evidence says about hormone therapy and the risks of cardiovascular disease and breast cancer, and which treatment options are on the horizon.

Pri-Med’s curated menopause CME/CE conferences and courses deliver education that helps you expand the following actionable skills and knowledge.

Hear the most common obstacles to providing evidence-based care to menopausal women
Explore hormonal and nonhormonal therapies for managing menopausal symptoms
Catch up on new and emerging therapies for vasomotor symptoms (VMS)
Engage women in shared decision-making regarding treatment options for VMS

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