Ronald P. Bangasser, MD

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The immediate past president of the California Medical Association, Dr. Bangasser has practiced as a family physician since 1977 and has been a member of the Beaver Medical Group since 1993. He was medical director of the group from 1997-2001. Dr. Bangasser has been a leader in the development of pay-for-performance initiatives in California. As a member of the board of directors of the Integrated Healthcare Association, a consortium of health plans and provider groups, he helped shape what has become the leading project of this kind in the country. The number of health plans offering P4P programs has doubled in the last year, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services has now started its own pilot program, thanks in no small measure to Dr. Bangasser's efforts. Besides holding important posts in his state and county medical societies, Dr. Bangasser has also served as an executive committee member of the AMA's Council on Medical Service and a member of its Physician Consortium for Performance Improvement since 2003. He also belongs to the committee on performance measurement of the National Committee on Quality Assurance.