Bernard R. Chaitman, MD,FACC

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Professor of Medicine, School of Medicine, Saint Louis University, Saint Louis, MO
Professor of Internal Medicine, School of Medicine, St. Louis University , Saint Louis, MO

Bernard Chaitman, MD is professor of medicine, director of cardiovascular research and director of the Core ECG/MI Classification Laboratory at St. Louis University School of Medicine. Dr Chaitman’s research interests include rest and exercise electrocardiography, drug development, exercise physiology and training, nutrition, coronary artery disease and non-invasive cardiac risk stratification. Dr Chaitman has been involved in a number of research activities, including the NIH Clinical Trial Review Committee, VA Cardiovascular Merit Review Board, chairman for several safety and data monitoring boards, event classification committees for large scale multicenter clinical trials, and as a member of the executive and operation committees for large multicenter, multinational clinical trials. He is an ad hoc committee member for the FDA Working Group on standardization of clinical trial definitions. Dr Chaitman is chair of the ECG subsection for the task force of the International Universal MI Definition Group. Dr Chaitman is a member of the editorial boards of "irculation", "American Journal of Cardiology", and "European Heart Journal". He has published more than 348 manuscripts for scientific journals in addition to 336 abstracts, 41 book chapters, and 33 reviews.