Diane Gilworth, NP,RN,MPH

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Diane Gilworth received her BSN from Montana University in 1983. Directly after graduation, she spent two years in Dallas Texas in a Critical Care internship, where she rotated through nine intensive care units. In 1985 she accepted a position as nurse in charge of the CCU at the Brigham and Women's Hospital and worked at the BWH for over 15 years. While at the BWH, Diane also held the position of Assistant Nurse Manager of the MICU and worked as a member of the ethics consult team. She received her MPH from Boston University in 1995 and focused on the rights of patients near the end of life. In 1997 she accepted a position to develop and implement a disease management program for patients with Congestive Heart Failure at Harvard Vanguard Medical Associates. She received her NP from Simmons in 2002 with a focus on geriatrics. The CHF program has enrolled over 1600 patients since 1997 and in those years has demonstrated significant reductions in admission rates for CHF. The HVMA CHF program is the largest CHF disease management program in the Northeast and continues to enroll approximately 30 new patients a month.