Sherry Pagoto, PhD

Associate Professor, University of Massachusetts Medical School, Worcester, MA

Dr. Pagoto is a an Associate Professor and licensed clinical psychologist with expertise in behavioral treatments for obesity and psychological comorbidities of obesity including binge eating disorder, depression, and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. She has an extensive program of research on these topics with 146 published papers. Her research has focused on ways to leverage technology to help patients manage their weight and eating behavior. She currently has 3 NIH grants addressing obesity management, with one specifically focused on eating pathology. In 2011, Dr. Pagoto published a book called Psychological Comorbidities of Physical Illness. She has earned several awards for her work including UMass Medical School Women in Science and Health Achievement Award in 2015, The Obesity Society Pioneer in mHealth/eHealth Award in 2014, Society of Behavioral Medicine Early Career/Young Investigator Award in 2006, and the Western Michigan University Distinguished Alumni Award in 2011.