Dominick Angiolillo, MD,PhD,FACC,FESC,FSCAI

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Dr. Angiolillo graduated with full honors from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart Medical School in Rome where he completed training in medicine and cardiology. He subsequently pursued training in interventional cardiology at the University of Madrid. He also received his PhD in cellular and molecular cardiology.

Much of Dr. Angiolillo’s career has been devoted to research in the field of interventional cardiology and ACS. His largest international recognition has been for his pivotal contributions in the field of thrombosis. Dr. Angiolillo has performed seminal studies on platelet function and modulation of antiplatelet drug response, including genetic studies, for which he has received numerous academic recognitions. He has also been a key investigator in the clinical development of numerous novel antithrombotic agents. He has authored over 300 articles in peer-reviewed journals, 350 abstracts presented at national and international meetings, and 30 book chapters, and he is the editor of his own textbook on antithrombotic medicine. He is on the editorial board of numerous cardiovascular journals and is a scientific reviewer for many major journals and funding agencies, including the NIH.