Judy Capko

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Judy Capko is a healthcare management and marketing consultant and founder of Capko & Company (www.capko.com). She is the author of the popular books Secrets of the Best-Run Practices, and Take Back Time: Bringing Time Management to Medicine. Judy has specialized in medical practice operations and business development for more than 25 years. Her emphasis is on building patient-centered strategies and valuing staff contribution. She focuses on maximizing resources, resulting in improved operational and financial performance. Thousands of physicians and administrators have benefited from Judy's advice and innovative, energetic approach to organizational management, practice economics, and strategic planning. She has gained international recognition in her field, working with small and large practices, major academic faculty practices from coast to coast, and health systems in the United States and abroad. Judy was a charter member of the National Association of Health Care Consultants. Judy is a popular speaker for major healthcare conferences including Pri-Med, MGMA, national specialty associations, regional medical societies, and healthcare executive summits. She has been interviewed by and published in more than 30 prestigious national medical journals.