Edgar T. Overton


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Associate Professor, Department of Medicine, Division of Infectious Diseases, University of Alabama at Birmingham, Birmingham, AL

With recent advances in HIV treatments, the use of antiretroviral therapy has expanded beyond treatment into the area of prevention with Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis clinics being created in may venues around the country. Dr. Overton is the Medical Director of the UAB 1917 HIV Clinic where over 3,500 hundred persons living with HIV are treated. In 2014, he opened the first PrEP Clinic in the state of Alabama. He and his staff have continued to expand their local clinic and more importantly to educate other providers across the state and region about the importance of HIV prevention services and specifically to increase locations that provide PrEP to persons at risk for HIV Infection. Dr. Overton is passionate about health disparities that limit our ability to provide preventative services like PrEP to the populations at greatest need. Beyond clinical care and education, he also serves as an investigator on several NIH-sponsored studies that are aimed to prevent the spread of HIV by many different approaches including novel applications of long acting therapies to prevent HIV infection.


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