Ashley E. Ross, MD, PhD

Associate Professor of Urology, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL

Dr. Ross is a surgeon scientist who specializes in urology and urologic oncology and is a nationally recognized expert in prostate cancer. His research efforts focus on the development, testing and implementation of novel diagnostics and therapeutics with a goal of reducing the suffering from prostate cancer. Clinically, Dr. Ross performs prostate cancer screening, prostate biopsy (including MRI-fusion biopsy), active surveillance, robotic prostatectomy, open radical prostatectomy, and ablative therapies of the prostate. Prior to joining the Feinberg School of Medicine, Dr. Ross served as director of the Johns Hopkins Urology Prostate Cancer Program, the executive medical director of the Mary Crowley Cancer Research Center, and an associate chair of the US Oncology Genitourinary Research Committee.