David J. Seiden, MD, FAASM

Medical Director, Baptist Sleep Centers of South Florida and QPS-MRA, Sleep Medicine Specialist, First Choice Neurology, Hollywood, FL

Dr. David J. Seiden is a recognized expert in the field of Sleep Medicine and serves as Medical Director for Baptist Health Sleep Centers of South Florida and QPS-MRA, a global drug development organization. He has been a Principal Investigator and pharmaceutical consultant for over 100 sleep disorder clinical trials and has published numerous manuscripts in peer reviewed medical journals. He has particular interest in the neuropharmacology of medicines used to treat sleep disorders including sedative-hypnotics, wake promoting agents and circadian rhythm modifiers, as well as the use of biologics and vaccines in neurology. After graduating from Georgetown University School of Medicine, Dr. Seiden trained in Neurology at Columbia University-Neurological Institute of New York and Sleep Medicine at Mt. Sinai Medical Center in Miami Beach. He has over 20 years of experience in Neurology and Sleep Medicine as both a clinician and contributor to pharmaceutical research and practices in Hollywood, Florida.