Dan Stout

• Sergeant in the USMCR – Field Radio Operator, 1990-1996 • Associate of Arts Degree in Criminal Justice from Santa Fe College, 1993 • Graduated Police Academy in 1993 • Started with Gainesville Police Department in January, 1994 • Cross trained as a Paramedic 2000-2003 • Served as the “SWAT Medic” for 14 years • Worked part time as a contractor conducting “Combat Lifesaver Training” for US Army • Active member of Police Physicians Section of the International Association of Chiefs of Police • Retired from Gainesville Police after 25 years at rank of Lieutenant on 09/01/18 • Joined Tactical Medical Solutions 10/01/18 and serves as a Training and Sales Consultant In addition to serving as a Paramedic on the SWAT Team for 14 years, Lt. Dan Stout also trained and equipped all law enforcement personnel within Alachua County (GPD, ASO, UPD, APD, HSPD, and SFCPD) in TCCC/TECC starting in March of 2008. Through this “Trauma Kit Program,” over 1,200 personnel were trained and equipped resulting in 64 deployments of the Trauma Kits which resulted in 53 lives saved from March of 2008 to August of 2018 upon his retirement. The members of the Gainesville Police Department were also trained and equipped with Narcan prior to his retirement and to date have resulted in 3 patients saved from overdoses.