Paul Summergrad, MD

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Paul Summergrad, MD, is the Dr Frances S. Arkin Professor and Chairman of the Department of Psychiatry at the Tufts University School of Medicine, where he is also Professor of Medicine, and Psychiatrist-in-Chief of the Tufts Medical Center all in Boston, Massachusetts. Dr. Summergrad also serves as Chairman of the Tufts Medical Center Physicians Organization. Prior to his arrival at Tufts in 2004 he was based at the Massachusetts General Hospital, and Harvard Medical School where he was Associate Professor of Psychiatry. From 1987-1998 he was Chief of Inpatient Psychiatric Services at the Massachusetts General Hospital and was Network Director of the Partners Psychiatry & Mental Health System from 1997-2004. In that role he also served as Psychiatrist-in-Chief of the North Shore Medical Center (NSMC), a member of the Partners HealthCare System, founded by the Massachusetts General Hospital and Brigham and Women’s Hospital from 1999-2004. From 2000-2002 he was also the Executive Vice President for Medical Affairs and the Chief Medical Officer of the NSMC where he had, among other responsibilities direct oversight for quality of care and for all employed physician practices. He served as a member of the Partners Executive Committee and the Partners Chief Medical Officer’s Committee from 1999- 2004. A 1978, Alpha Omega Alpha graduate of the School of Medicine at the State University of New York of Buffalo, he trained in internal medicine at the Boston City Hospital from 1978-1981 and in psychiatry at the Massachusetts General Hospital from 1982-1985 where he was Chief Resident for Inpatient Psychiatry. He graduated from psychoanalytic training at the Boston Psychoanalytic Society and Institute where he is a member. He is board certified in internal medicine, psychiatry, psychosomatic medicine and geriatric psychiatry. Dr. Summergrad is the author of numerous articles and chapters on the history and development of psychiatry, medical psychiatry, neuropsychiatry, psychopharmacology, and psychodynamic psychiatry and psychiatric healthcare systems. In addition to his clinical and administrative roles, Dr. Summergrad is a Past President of the Massachusetts Psychiatric Society and the American Association of General Hospital Psychiatrists. He is Secretary-Treasurer of the American Association of Chairs of Departments of Psychiatry and a member of the Governing Council for Psychiatry and Substance Abuse Services of the American Hospital Association. In the American Psychiatric Association he serves as a member of the Finance and Budget Committee and the Steering Committee on Practice Guidelines. He has previously served as a member of the Assembly, the Finance and Budget Committee and the Council on Medical Education.