Tina Q. Tan, MD

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Professor of Pediatrics, Northwestern University Feinberg School of Medicine, Chicago, IL
Medical Director, International Patient Services Program, Pediatric Infectious Diseases Attending, Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago, Chicago, IL

She is board certified in Pediatrics and Pediatric Infectious Diseases. She is Chairperson of the American Academy of Pediatrics Section on Infectious Diseases (SOID), a member of the AAP Committee on Infectious Diseases (Redbook Committee), and SOID liaison to the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society (PIDS) Governing Council. She also serves as a member of the: AAP Global Immunization Advocacy Project Advisory Committee, AAP Expert Pertussis Cocooning Advisory Committee, and is a liaison to the Illinois Chapter of the AAP OB/GYN Immunizations and Pregnancy Outreach Committee. Dr. Tan is a member of the Immunization Advisory Committee for the State of Illinois Department of Public Health. She serves on the editorial boards of: Pediatrics (Official Journal of the AAP), the Journal of the Pediatric Infectious Diseases Society (Official Journal of PIDS), and the American Academy of Pediatrics PREP Self-Assessment Infectious Diseases. She is the US Representative to the International Steering Committee of the Global Pertussis Initiative; a member and consultant to the Steering Committee of the Latin America Without Pertussis Initiative (PAHEF, SLIPE); a member of the Board of Directors of the World Association of Infectious Diseases and Immunological Disorders (WAidid), and a member of the US National Pertussis Task Force (AAP and Every Child by Two). She is a member of the vaccine advisory boards of Merck, Sanofi Pasteur, GSK and Pfizer/Wyeth. Her interests include: pertussis disease and vaccine, pneumococcal disease and vaccine, CA-MRSA infections, antibiotic resistance, vaccines and vaccine preventable diseases, infectious diseases, and vaccine education for healthcare providers.