Tina K. Thethi

Associate Investigator and Endocrinologist, MD, MPH

Associate Investigator and Endocrinologist, AdventHealth Translational Research Institute

Dr. Thethi is a board certified endocrinologist who did her fellowship and masters in Public Health at Tulane Univeristy in New Orleans, LA. She is currently an associate investigator at AdventHealth, Translational Research Institute and her clinical is at the Diabetes Institute, both in Orlando, FL. Dr. Thethi is the receipient of the Janet McArthur Award for Clinical Research. Her research interest centers around obesity, type 2 diabetes mellitus and it's complications with a focus on diabetic kidney disease. To better understand the pathogenesis of diabetic kidney disease and find biomarkers that identify diabetic kidney disease earlier is a key goal of Dr. Thethi's research career. Integrating the teaching of spirituality into the practice of medicine is another goal that Dr. Thethi strives for.


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