Pri-Med East

Boston, MA | December 2-5, 2020

Boston Convention & Exhibition Center

Primary Care CME/CE in Boston

Join your clinician colleagues for a four-day primary care continuing medical education (CME/CE) experience in Boston, Massachusetts. This year's CME/CE curriculum was developed by Course Chairs Frank J. Domino, MD, of University of Massachusetts Medical School and Sanjiv Chopra, MD, MACP, of Harvard Medical School. Participate in a brand-new, cutting-edge curriculum focused on the latest clinical insights and patient cases, and delivered by expert faculty. Pri‑Med conferences have been a trusted source of clinicians nationwide since 1995, helping the primary care community develop evidence-based strategies to improve patient care and outcomes.


Earn up to 24.00 CME/CE Credits

  • December 2: 6.00 Credits

  • December 3: 6.50 Credits
  • December 4: 6.50 Credits
  • December 5: 5.00 Credits


  • 3-Day Early-Bird Rate Expires August 14 $70.00
  • 4-Day Early-Bird Rate Expires August 14 $100.00

Keynote Speakers

Siddhartha Mukherjee, MD

Siddhartha Mukherjee is a pioneering physician, oncologist, and author who has redefined our public discourse on human health, medicine and science. A profoundly influential voice in the scientific community, he is best known for his books, The Emper...

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Presenting on:

Themes from the Future of Medicine

Thursday, December 3, 2020 7:45 AM

Daniela Lamas, MD

Daniela Lamas is a pulmonary and critical care doctor at the Brigham & Women’s Hospital and faculty at Harvard Medical School. In her recent book, You Can Stop Humming Now: A Doctor’s Stories of Life, Death and In Between, Lamas examines the thin b...

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Presenting on:

Palliative Care and Patient Storytelling

Friday, December 4, 2020 7:45 AM

Conference Happenings

Industry Supported Opportunities

Clinicians learning the latest tools and treatment options during an Industry Theater.

Industry Theaters

During breaks from the CME/CE sessions, get an in-depth look at the latest tools and treatment options by attending industry-sponsored theaters, led by prominent medical thought leaders.