Primary Care Pulse: Recorded Live on February 23, 2022

Thank you to all who joined us live Primary Care Pulse on February 23, 2022. If you were not able to join us live, the sessions have been recorded and are available below.

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1:10–1:40pm ET    CME/CE Accredited Session


Prescribing Opioid Analgesics: General Precautions 

Charles E. Argoff, MD, FABPM | Katherine E. Galluzzi, DO, CMD, FACOFP


Prescribing opioids are not without risks. However, opioids continue to be prescribed for acute and chronic pain given that they have been shown to be an effective treatment for certain individuals. Consistent with all prescribed medications, it is important for the prescriber to be aware of common side effects and their management, as well as potential serious side effects and their management. These recommendations are designed to minimize harm to the patient, their loved ones/caregivers, as well as to inform the prescriber about best practices. This session will provide clinicians with an overview of general precautions necessary when prescribing opioids.

Charles E. Argoff, MD, FABPM

Professor of Neurology, Albany Medical College, Director, Comprehensive Pain Center, Albany Medical Center, Albany, NY

Katherine E. Galluzzi, DO, CMD, FACOFP

Professor and Chair, Department of Geriatrics, Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philadelphia, PA

Supported by Opioid Analgesic REMS Program Companies

1:50–2:35pm ET    Non-CME Industry Theater



Chronic kidney disease (CKD) screening and early detection helps improve patient outcomes; however only 4 out of 5 at-risk adult patients in the U.S. are being fully tested per recommended guidelines. Join Labcorp and the National Kidney Foundation (NKF) leaders as they discuss a study that supports testing at-risk patients, particularly those with diabetes and hypertension. Additionally, you will hear new recommendations from the NKF-American Society of Nephrology Task Force on re-assessing the inclusion of race in diagnosing CKD.

On this Webinar you will learn about:

  • The lack of testing for CKD among at-risk adults.
  • The importance of early detection for patients living with CKD.
  • How to address gaps in care and increase awareness about CKD risk factors.
  • Insights into task force recommendations on reassessing the inclusion of race in diagnosing CKD, in particular the impact to eGFR.
  • The new HEDIS® measure from the NKF & National Committee for Quality Assurance®.

Jennifer Ennis, MD, FACP

Medical Director, Clinical and Digital Solutions, Labcorp

Sponsored by Labcorp