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Cluster Headache

In this Clinical Coffee Break, Dr. Patricia Greenstein reviews several common neurovascular disorders, including ischemic stroke and migraine, and discusses diagnostic tests and management for each.

woman massaging her temples

In this activity, Dr. Smetana will discuss primary headache syndromes including migraines, cluster headaches, and tension-type headaches. The activity will give an overview of both evidence-based treatment therapies and alternate treatment options for migraines and other types of headaches. 

Children with Headaches

This activity will provide an overview of the diagnosis and work-up of pediatric headache using the International Headache Society recommendations. Three basic types of therapies will be discussed: traditional medication therapy (abortive and prophylactic), alternative therapy (including vitamins and herbs) and the role of straightforward lifestyle changes that are often overlooked in headache management. Dr. Lerner will also discuss how using a variety of these modalities will often lead to the best outcomes.

middle aged office worker with visible tension headache

This activity will discuss the treatment for migraines in a primary care setting. Dr. Smetana will explain the differences between migraine abortive therapy and preventative therapies. He will also discuss complementary and alternative treatments including lifestyle management and behavior modifications that can impact the number and severity of migraine episodes.