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Upper Respiratory Infection

This talk will highlight common infectious disease issues seen in the primary care clinic. Topics will include diagnosis and management of community-acquired pneumonia, acute bronchitis, rhinosinusitis, and urinary tract infections. The focus will be on practical approaches for management of these conditions with an emphasis on medical decision-making and rational antibiotic selection.

female patient receiving medication

In this activity, learn how to handle common challenges in outpatient clinics. Dr. Gupta will highlight hot topics in infectious disease, present evidence-based consensus on dealing with respiratory infections and skin and soft tissue infections, and give an update on the current STI guidelines.


In this activity, Dr. Gupta will discuss how to effectively handle acute respiratory infections without over-prescribing antibiotics. She will also discuss best practices to help combat the rise of antibiotic resistance in the community.

woman in blue holding white pills

Antibiotic treatment options for infections in the outpatient setting will be reviewed in this activity. Dr. Glew will discuss how to select the narrowest spectrum antibiotic anticipated to be highly effective against likely infecting organisms, with emphasis on reducing use of overly broad spectrum antibiotics. Problematic conditions in the outpatient setting will be discussed including current biogenic skin infections and presumptive treatment of tick borne infections.