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The session will use representative cases to discuss the assessment, diagnosis, and management of common musculoskeletal injuries of the ankle. The pertinent aspects of the physical examination, pathoanatomy and imaging of these injuries will receive particular emphasis.


This session will provide a clear, thoughtful approach to shoulder pain and offer pearls for rapid diagnosis and management. Key concepts will include a review of important structures around the shoulder that can cause pain and the positive impact of ergonomics. The speaker will also discuss decision-making for management and referral.


Using a live model, we will demonstrate a comprehensive examination of the ankle, paying particular attention to specific findings related to common problems encountered by the clinician.


Orthopedic Knee Exam

Up to 0.75 CME CREDIT

Using a fast history and quick physical exam maneuvers, this session will help the learner quickly generate a differential diagnosis and treatment plan for acute knee pain in adults.


Christopher Visco, Director of Sports Medicine at Columbia University Medical Center, provides an update on shoulder pathology diagnosis and management for primary care clinicians. Dr. Visco reviews the musculoskeletal causes of shoulder pain and dysfunction and includes a review of the anatomy and function of the rotator cuff. Common diagnoses will be reviewed, along with strategies for rapid identification and triage of musculoskeletal findings. Management includes decision making for non-surgical versus surgical care and medication.

In this activity, Dr. Puffer from the University of Kentucky and an internationally recognized expert in sports medicine will discuss common injuries of the knee encountered by primary care physicians in the ambulatory setting. These will include both acute and chronic injuries, and he will explore diagnostic pathways for reaching the correct diagnosis efficiently. Appropriate initial management options that can be administered by the primary care physician will be also presented.

woman holding her shoulder in pain

Clinical Corner: Shoulder

Up to 0.25 CME CREDIT

In this Clinical Corner, Dr. Visco outlines a practical approach to diagnosis and management of calcific tendinitis of the shoulder.

person with lower back pain

Many primary care physicians face the challenge of treating lower back pain in a responsible and cost –effective manner. In this activity, Dr. Baker discusses the common misconceptions leading to unnecessary imaging and talks about strategies to use when talking to patients about lower back pain and imaging studies.


To repair or not to repair? Dr. Arun Ramappa discusses the clinical data looking at whether patients who undergo surgery for a torn rotator cuff have better clinical outcomes than those who do not.


This session will use representative cases to discuss the assessment, diagnosis and management of common musculoskeletal injuries. Particular attention will be paid to the pertinent aspects of the physical examination, pathoanatomy and imaging of these injuries.

This activity will review hand and shoulder disorders commonly seen in the outpatient setting. Dr. Day will review basic hand anatomy and fundamental surface landmarks that are important for diagnoses of hand and wrist pain. Terminology and axes of motion will also be reviewed. Common hand conditions and how to perform physical examinations for those conditions will be discussed in length, along with treatment options. Dr. Ramappa will review the recommended procedure for physical examination for shoulder injuries. He will discuss the differentiating characteristics of shoulder and neck pathology as well as treatment and management options for shoulder disorders.