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In this activity will provide an overview of inflammatory bowel disease in children. Dr. Strople will review the pathogenesis of the disease and highlight the differentiating points between adult and pediatric IBD disease. Pathophysiology of crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis in children will also be discussed along with treatment and management strategies.


This presentation will review the most cited articles from the pediatric literature in the past 18 months with an eye towards immediate clinical application in your day-to-day practice caring for children and adolescents.


In this lecture, Dr. Wurm will review recent studies on nutrition and integrative pediatrics including ones on dietary interventions, exercise programs and meditation. Effective strategies to implement these into practice to reduce pediatric obesity will be discussed.


Sudden cardiac death of a young athlete is a rare but devastating event. The pre-participation exam consists of a history and physical, however the sensitivity of this is poor. This talk will review the evaluation recommended by the American Heart Association, the American Academy of Pediatrics, the American Family Physician, as well as the more controversial widespread screening with electrocardiogram and limited focus cardiac ultrasound.

Kids love fruit juice. But how much is OK? What are the facts on fruit juice consumption in kids and what should you advise the families you care for? In this episode, we will discuss the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and how they may impact your practice.

The Am Academy of Pediatrics recommends against using OTC cough/Cold meds for children under age 4 as they have little proven benefit, are often multiple drugs combined, and may be harmful. But how harmful are they?

In this session we discuss the first EB guidelines by the AAP on body modification, piercing and scarification, including complications and assessment of risk