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In this podcast episode, we will consider the rationale for using non-fasting labs to screen for ASCVD as well as review the controversies around their use and talk about the differential diagnosis of hypertriglyceridemia.

In this session we discuss the current guidelines on PPI use and de-prescribing PPIs to limit adverse effects.

Adults often present with atraumatic shoulder pain around age 50 and are diagnosed with impingement syndrome (rotator cuff tendonitis). However, as this recent study demonstrates, the standard of care for treatment should not be surgery.

This session will review a brief report summarizing the literature on electronic media and its relation to sleep—specifically delayed bed times and decreased sleep duration. Screen based media consumption is eating up our sleep health!

In this week’s episode, we’ll be continuing the discussion on the AAN’s updated practice guideline on mild cognitive impairment. Last week’s podcast episode provided an overview of the updated practice guideline, and this week’s episode focuses on treatment recommendations.

In this session we discuss the first EB guidelines by the AAP on body modification, piercing and scarification, including complications and assessment of risk

Is Alternate day fasting the future of weight loss? Maybe not….

In this session we discuss the updated 2017-2018 recommendations and best practices to increase your patients Influenza vaccination rates. What is new this season? Find out and be ready to combat the flu and keep your patients on their feet.

This observational study found adding very little activity, akin to going for a 30 minute walk or converting to a standing desk for half your workday, lowered all-cause and cardiovascular mortality.

The Am Academy of Pediatrics recommends against using OTC cough/Cold meds for children under age 4 as they have little proven benefit, are often multiple drugs combined, and may be harmful. But how harmful are they?

Listen to this week’s episode to learn about the basic concepts of behavioral activation (BA), what research has demonstrated about its use in depression, and how to apply BA in everyday care.

This week’s episode covers a systematic review and meta-analysis on the clinical outcomes of tonsillectomies in sleep-disordered breathing of children.