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Treating recurrent C. difficile colitis can be difficult, but recent trials have demonstrated the benefit of treating with fecal transplantation. Questions exist, however, about around the best mode of administration. Listen to this week’s episode to learn about a recent RCT that compares oral and colonoscopic delivery methods and provides an answer.

In this podcast episode, we will talk about the data on different exercise timelines, consider new options when counseling patients for exercise and highlight the need to include exercise counseling for most adults.

For women experiencing an uncomplicated UTI, nitrofurantoin and fosfomycin are two first-line options for treatment. Is one more effective than the other? Listen to this episode to learn about the results from a multinational, open-label, randomized clinical trial.

In this podcast episode, we will talk about the benefits of alpha antagonists on passing larger kidney stones as well as discuss the need for stone collection and analysis to prevent future stones. We will also learn how to effectively counsel patients about alpha antagonist use including risks and benefits.

This episode is an introductory discussion of the very real problem of physician burnout. It affects you and those around you. What do we know about burnout and how can we move beyond it?

This episode will review a randomized controlled trial of adding 10.5 grams of a soluble fiber, psyllium, to a Type 2 Diabetes diet and its influence on weight loss, BMI and other parameters of diabetes

Evidence of the efficacy of statins to reduce ASCVD morbidity and mortality in individuals > 75 years who have known clinical ASCVD (secondary prevention) is well established. Primary prevention in this population has not been as clear. Join us while we discuss a recent study in the BMJ which assessed the benefits of statins for primary prevention of ASCVD morbidity and mortality in individuals > 75 years with and without DM.

This podcast episode reviews the results of a meta analysis that found no negative relationship between whole milk consumption and cardiovascular disease or with mortality.

Kids love fruit juice. But how much is OK? What are the facts on fruit juice consumption in kids and what should you advise the families you care for? In this episode, we will discuss the latest recommendations from the American Academy of Pediatrics and how they may impact your practice.

Teaching patients lifestyle management strategies to improve health is no easy task. First steps involve increasing provider knowledge of the impact foods have on health. This episode discusses the latest evidence on different types of meat intake and meat associated compounds on health.

Migraine headaches are expensive: in lost work, productivity but most importantly your patients’ quality of life. As prescribers, we have a lot of options to offer. A review of the latest guidelines, best practices and common approaches to treatment will be discussed.

This episode will build on the previous podcast with a focus on how to apply the management guidelines in Asthma with a focus on critical features to know for board preparation. Our objectives will be to understand how to clinically apply the guidelines and consider consider environmental factors in asthma management.