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Understanding the Contraceptive Landscape Outside of the Pill

Part 1 of 2

0.25 CME/MOC
0.35 AANP | 0.35 Pharmacology

Are you curious about recent updates in contraceptive options for your patients? Do you want to improve or just refresh your knowledge of hormonal contraceptive options outside of the pill? Listen to family planning specialist Dr. Kate White as she is interviewed by primary care physician Dr. Pamela Kushner about updates in hormonal contraceptive options and they review the benefits of other hormonal contraceptive options like the ring, patch, injection, implant, and intrauterine devices. In episode 1 of this 2-part series podcast, they will review newly approved hormonal contraceptive options and discuss why and how to consider options other than the pill for patients. Listen to part two of this podcast series here: https://www.pri-med.com/online-education/podcast/pmi-contraception-2


How to Talk to Your Patients About Contraceptive Options

Part 2 of 2

0.25 CME/MOC
0.36 AANP | 0.18 Pharmacology

Would you like to improve your skills in counseling patients about contraception and learn strategies to support them in choosing the best option for them? Listen to episode 2 of this 2-part series podcast on contraception, where family planning specialist Kate White, MD and primary care physician Pamela Kushner, MD review important clinical considerations in prescribing contraception and discuss effective strategies for counseling patients about their options. Listen to part one of this podcast series here: https://www.pri-med.com/online-education/podcast/pmi-contraception-1