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Enjoy live and interactive sessions on primary care topics relevant to your daily practice. Register today for our latest virtual CME Conference.


Join Dr. Charles Vega and Ashton Hyde, Esq. for part 2 of their series on malpractice suits and medical errors in primary care. Real life patient cases provide a practical and engaging format in which to discuss what to do—and not do—in daily practice to protect your patients from medical errors and yourselves from lawsuits.


During this informative session on medical literature updates (excluding COVID-19), primary care physician, Dr. Charles Vega, will review the clinical implications of practice-changing literature that has been recently published. Topics for discussion will include breast cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, association between diet/exercise and cancer, vaccination updates, dietary coconut oil, and milk preference in children. You don’t want to miss these updates!

image of small bottle of cbd oil and droplet

Marijuana, CBD, and the Role of Race in Cannabis Use

Episode 13: Bridging the Gap: Conversations with Dr. Hall

1.00 CME

Cannabis use is an emerging topic in healthcare, but what does the literature say? What do we know about recreational marijuana use across different populations and the implications of this on the utility of medical marijuana for African American individuals? This session Dr. Gregory Hall will give an overview of cannabis products both recreational and pharmaceutical as well as the role of “medical marijuana”.

image of kids getting their temperature checked

With ever-changing information on the 2019 novel coronavirus (COVID-19), it is hard to keep the facts straight! Join Drs. Charles Vega and Ty Gluckman as they team up live to discuss how the post-acute sequalae of COVID-19 (PASC) and trends, prevention, and treatment of COVID-19 infection among children and young people.

Primary Care Pulse: Live on November 17, 2020

Pri-Med's new weekly CME/CE web series, Primary Care Pulse, features live conversations about timely topics and concerns facing primary care clinicians.

Young black male wearing a mask

Is Racism a Public Health Crisis?

Episode 14: Bridging the Gap: Conversations with Dr. Hall

1.00 CME

The past few years have brought a refreshing focus to the interplay of racism and health outcomes in the United States. Now communities across the country are declaring racism a public health crisis, but why and what does this mean? In this session Dr. Gregory Hall walks us through the data on why US communities have declared racism a public health threat. He will explore the history behind these declarations and review how you as a clinician can have an impact on this health crisis.

Physician holding both arms up as if she is about to explain a scenario

What do primary care providers need to know about geriatric cancer screening and HIV? Join expert faculty as they review important questions they get asked about these topics!

physician performing medical exam to elder patient sitting with mask on

This pandemic required communication among specialists and primary care. In this COVID-19 panel, faculty will team up to discuss the most pressing and frequently asked questions about this disease and its complications.

senior female sitting on home couch, feeling her heart

Acute Coronary Syndrome Management 2021

1.00 CME/MOC
1.00 AANP | 0.50 Pharmacology

This talk will review data on the current diagnosis and management of acute coronary syndromes. The scope of clinical problem, pathophysiology of acute coronary syndromes, diagnostic strategies and cardiac markers, clinical trials in acute coronary syndromes, guideline recommendations and management strategies will be discussed. Particular focus will be made on the acute management and long-term therapies that are Class I recommended in the current guidelines and that can reduce the risk of recurrent events and mortality.

Magnifying glass with the word "BIAS" inside the lense

This session will shine a light on health disparities in the U.S. and ways to overcome them by embracing diversity, combatting bias, and employing cultural competency to improve patient-provider communication. These valuable tips can ultimately enhance healthcare for your patients of all races, ethnicities, and cultures.