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Cardiovascular risk factors leading to the leading causes of death in the United States have their origins in the pediatric age group. This session is intended to give primary care providers a high level view of screening and management for cardio-metabolic risk factors in the pediatric age group based on the most up-to-date guidelines.


Surviving Burnout: Caring for Ourselves - Frankly Speaking EP 223

Guest: Christine Runyan, PhD, ABPPMusic Credit: Richard Onorato

0.25 CME

Clinical psychologist Dr. Christine Runyan joins me in today’s episode to discuss the various self-care methods to help healthcare workers overcome stressors related to the COVID-19 pandemic, and to describe the potential future impact of the COVID-19 crisis on this population.

Save the Toenails! Topical Treatments for Onychomycosis - Frankly Speaking EP 222

Guest: Robert A. Baldor, MD, FAAFPMusic Credit: Richard Onorato

Join us for this episode as we discuss a recent Cochrane review of the safety and effectiveness of topical treatments for toenail onychomycosis, and review when and how to prescribe these agents for patients.

With GERD, Diet and Lifestyle Win Out - Frankly Speaking EP 221

Guest: Jill M. Terrien, PhD, ANP-BCMusic Credit: Richard Onorato

Join us as we discuss another finding of the Nurses Health Study II—this podcast focuses on the findings of a prospective look at GERD, and the effect of diet and lifestyle on the prevention of GERD.

Coronavirus Update, March 6, 2020 - Frankly Speaking EP 164

Guest: Robert A. Baldor, MD, FAAFP Music Credit: Richard Onorato

Review the latest recommendations from the CDC to assist in responding to patient questions and concerns.

Milk: Whole, Skim or Something In Between? - Frankly Speaking EP 162

Guest: Susan Feeney, DNP, FNP-BCMusic Credit: Richard Onorato

Frankly Speaking, Live! This episode, recorded live from Pri-Med South, will review four recent publications that help guide milk consumption in children and adults.


"Can You Hear Me Now?"—Aging, Hearing Impairment, and Physical Function - Frankly Speaking EP 243

Guest: Susan Feeney, DNP, FNP-BC, NP-CMusic Credit: Richard Onorato

0.25 CME

Evidence strongly supports a correlation between hearing impairment in older adults and decline in physical functioning. A recent population cohort study of older adults revealed that hearing impairment was associated with poorer physical function, reduced walking endurance, and accelerated decline. Join us while we discuss this evidence and how to apply it to your practice. You’ll walk away with strategies to promote hearing assessment and to help optimize physical functioning in your older adult patients.


Access to Care: Safety of Medication Abortion - Frankly Speaking EP 281

Guest: Jillian Joseph, MSPAS, PA-CMusic Credit: Richard Onorato

0.25 CME

Clinicians may hesitate to provide medication abortion without first performing a pelvic ultrasound or pelvic examination, but recent data may give clinicians more confidence in their decision to do so. This episode explores the evidence for the safety of telehealth-based, or no-test screening, approaches to providing medication abortion for pregnant women at less than 10 weeks’ gestation.

Adolescent Mental Health: Family Relationships Matter - Frankly Speaking EP 159

Guest: Jill Terrien PhD, ANP-BC Music Credit: Richard Onorato

Join us as we discuss data from the National Longitudinal Study of Adolescent to Adult Health examining how family relationships impact depression.

The Dangers of Non-Nutritive Sweeteners: What Does the Data Say? - Frankly Speaking EP 158

Guest: Susan Feeney, DNP, FNP-BC Music Credit: Richard Onorato

Review the latest research on the impact of Non-Nutritive Sweeteners (NNS) on mortality, disease, and intermediate outcomes like microbiome and gut hormones.

Heartburn - Why "Test and Treat" Is Best - Frankly Speaking EP 157

Guest: Robert Baldor, MD, FAAFP Music Credit: Richard Onorato

Heartburn is a frequent complaint in primary care practices. The etiology is broad, from reflux to H. pylori infection and PUD. While many clinicians treat symptomatically, this may not lead to patient satisfaction. A recent network meta-analysis published in The BMJ, concluded that a ‘test and treat’ approach resulted in the lowest reports for patients to remain symptomatic at follow-up.

Cannabis Use in Pregnancy: A Worrisome Trend - Frankly Speaking EP 156

Guest: Alan Ehrlich MD, FAAFPMusic Credit: Richard Onorato

Cannabis use has been increasing as numerous states have decriminalized or even legalized cannabis possession and use. As a result, the rates of pregnant women who use cannabis have been rising. Learn more about these trends and the risks associated with cannabis use in pregnancy.