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This study looked at hospitalizations following legislation that legalized marijuana use in Colorado compared to two states that have not legalized marijuana, New York and Oklahoma. The goal was to determine what impact this law might have on common and chronic conditions. It found hospitalizations for some conditions increased while issues of social anxiety disorder decreased.


Cannabis use has been increasing as numerous states have decriminalized or even legalized cannabis possession and use. As a result, the rates of pregnant women who use cannabis have been rising. Learn more about these trends and the risks associated with cannabis use in pregnancy.


Marijuana has become the new fashion statement of medicine. An illegal substance that was, in recent decades, described as the gateway drug, has now found a place within the pharmaceutical industry and the doctor’s office. To prescribe or not to prescribe? This lecture will help you answer that question with information on the proposed mechanisms of action, indications for use, and risks of using medical cannabis in pain management. Please note that any data, indications, and guidelines presented in this activity are current as of the recording/release on February 6, 2020 and they are subject to change as new information is published.