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Office Ophthalmology

0.75 CME
0.75 AANP | 0.04 Pharmacology

Complaints about eye and vision may result from simple problems such as refractive error, or complex problems that may be sight- or life-threatening. This talk uses a case-based approach to discuss common eye symptoms and signs that are visible to the non-ophthalmologist. A framework for identifying red flags that may trigger urgent care will be discussed. Patient complaints will include eye pain, floaters and flashes, transient or permanent vision loss, and red eye. Diagnoses that must not be missed will be considered during this session.


This lecture will update the primary care provider (PCP) on current treatments for diabetic retinopathy, hypertension-related eye conditions, and glaucoma. These three entities are common conditions seen in many of our patients, and a better understanding of the current treatment patterns will improve communication between primary care and ophthalmology. Increasing the specialty knowledge base of the PCPs allows for better co-management and patient education of disease process, management options, and prognosis.