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Contraceptive Education: Educate Your Patients While They Wait - Frankly Speaking EP 123

Guest: Jill Terrien PhD, ANP-BC Music Credit: Richard Onorato

0.25 CME

Join us as we discuss decision aids used to assess contraceptive knowledge and intentions that can be easily incorporated in primary care practice.


This lecture will provide a comprehensive overview of contraceptive options for women of child-bearing ages. The significance and impact of prescribing practices on women will be discussed highlighting the importance of reproductive planning in all female patients with childbearing potential. Principles of effective contraceptive counseling will be outlined. Risks, benefits and medical indications for various contraceptive methods will be reviewed. Initiation and management of noncompliance with various contraceptive methods will also be discussed. A practical approach to management of contraceptive side effects will be discussed as well as risk/benefit assessments in choice of most appropriate contraceptive options.


Patients interested in contraceptives can now select from a wide array of effective methods. This lecture will provide an overview of commonly-prescribed reversible contraceptive methods and current issues pertaining to their use.


New guidelines, evidence, and products present challenges for clinicians who provide gynecologic care. This session focuses on two major clinical areas in gynecology—cervical cancer screening and contraception. We will use a case-based approach to explore current best practices in managing human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccination and Pap testing, as well as to expand evidence-based knowledge of controversies in contraceptive care. Faculty will also provide a brief introduction to the newest contraceptive products available. Please note that any data, indications, and guidelines presented in this activity are current as of the recording/release on 11/13/2020, and they are subject to change as new information is published.