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telemedicine call with mom and sick baby

In this short podcast, you will hear guideline-based answers to important questions about managing influenza in the pediatric population. Find out which children are considered high risk for complications and what those risks mean for vaccine selection. Hear expert tips on how to discuss the sensitive issue of influenza vaccination with vaccine-hesitant parents. Know how to accurately diagnose influenza in children in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic. And lastly, learn which influenza treatments are approved for children and the role antivirals play in influenza prophylaxis in this population. Hosts: Robert H. Hopkins Jr., MD, FACP, FAAP; Charles Vega, MD, FAAFP Executive Producer: Margaret Oliverio, MD


Limit Screen Time to Increase Physical Activity - Frankly Speaking EP 289

Guest: Alan M. Ehrlich, MD, FAAFPMusic Credit: Richard Onorato

0.25 CME

Excessive screen time has been associated with numerous adverse health outcomes. Join us for a look at a fascinating new study that explores how limiting screen time can increase physical activity in children. Listen to this brief podcast before you counsel your next patient on how screen time can affect their children’s (and their) health.

Frankly Speaking CME 266

Fever Free: Acetaminophen or Ibuprofen? - Frankly Speaking EP 266

Guest: Jillian Joseph, MSPAS, PA-CMusic Credit: Richard Onorato

0.25 CME

‘Tis the season for pediatric fevers! Join us to review a recent meta-analysis looking at 18 studies with patients younger than 2 years old who received acetaminophen or ibuprofen for fever or pain to determine if one medication should be recommended first, before the other. After this session, you’ll be able to confidently advise parents of young children on how best to manage fever and/or pain at home with over-the-counter medications.

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When Do Food Allergies Resolve? - Frankly Speaking EP 290

Guest: Jill M. Terrien, PhD, ANP-BCMusic Credit: Richard Onorato

0.25 CME

This brief podcast discusses the prevalence of egg and nut allergies in children, how to lower the risk of developing these allergies, and which patients are at greatest risk. Hear how to best counsel parents about their child’s allergies and help them anticipate their child’s future health.


Wait Before Writing That Antibiotic Prescription! Is it appropriate? - Frankly Speaking EP 293

Guest: Susan Feeney, DNP, FNP-BC, NP-CMusic Credit: Richard Onorato

0.25 CME

Evidence informs us that almost one-third of antibiotic prescriptions written for children in the United States are inappropriate, meaning they are not in line with evidence-based guidelines. Antibiotics are tremendous tools and beneficial when used appropriately; however, as with all pharmacological therapy, there are risks of adverse effects and healthcare cost. When prescribed inappropriately, they unnecessarily put children at risk and cause financial burden on individuals and the system. Please join the podcast team as we discuss recent evidence on these risks and burden and consider how this evidence can help improve practice.